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hybrid combiner n-female Specifies how to use a hybrid combiner

  • hybrid combiner n-female How to use hybrid combiner n-female

    The clamp ammeter is available in high and low voltages and is used to directly measure the current in the line without disconnecting the line. Its use is as follows:

    (1) When hybrid combiner n-female is used, pay attention to the voltage level of a tongs ammeter. Do not use a low-voltage tongs meter to measure the current of a high-voltage circuit. When measuring with high pressure clamp meter, it should be operated by two people, and the non-duty personnel should fill in the work ticket. When measuring, they should wear insulation gloves, stand on the insulation pad, and do not touch other equipment, so as to prevent short circuit or grounding.

    (2) Observation table timing, special attention should be paid to maintain the best distance between the head and the live part, any part of the human body and the distance between the live body should not be less than the whole length of the clamp table.

    (3) When measuring in the high voltage circuit, it is forbidden to use wire to measure from the clamp ammeter to the meter meter. When measuring the current of each phase of a high-voltage cable, the distance between the cable heads should be more than 300mm, and the insulation should be good. Only when the measurement is considered convenient, can it be carried out.

    (4) When measuring the current of low voltage fusible fuse fuse or horizontal low voltage bus, each phase fusible fuse fuse or bus should be protected and isolated with insulation materials before measurement, so as not to cause short circuit between phases.

    (5) When the cable has a phase ground, it is strictly prohibited to measure. Prevent the breakdown and explosion of the ground due to the low insulation level of the cable head and endanger the human body.

    After the clamp ammeter measurement, pull the switch to the maximum range, so as to avoid careless overcurrent in the next use; And should be kept in a dry room.

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