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What are the requirements for storing Panasonic batteries?

  • There is a lot to be said for the storage of Panasonic batteries, if they are not stored properly they can seriously shorten their life and even be scrapped. So, for users, it is necessary to understand some general knowledge of battery storage.

    First of all, the battery, whether unopened or after a period of time need to stop using more than a few months will be stored in a specific place, generally speaking, the battery storage have to have a designated warehouse. Not all warehouses are suitable for batteries, as they are a special product.

    Secondly, the warehouse used to store Panasonic batteries must have good ventilation, because the liquid inside the battery is relatively easy to volatilise, if the surrounding environment is wet and humid, impurities in the air are likely to react with the liquid, thus leading to the effectiveness of the liquid, which will also affect the performance of the battery.

    Finally, it is best to install thermometers and air conditioners in Panasonic battery storage warehouses to ensure that the room temperature is maintained at around 25°C, a temperature that is more conducive to battery storage. The air conditioning can be set to a constant temperature. It is also important to check that the room is dry every day, but dry does not mean that the batteries can be stored in direct sunlight.