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I'm sure bartender allows you to change

  • Before when I had my primary running at 144hz, and my secondary running at 60hz, never noticed it because DWM did WOW TBC Gold not know was locking both framerates at 60, which is what it was. There was still flickering occasionally, but I realized that any solution to it was eventually a cause for my in-game FPS dropping to 60.

    My flicker was finally replicated in the crafting. When I transformed leather scraps into leather I saw a slight flicker after the task was done. All my mods that I use are now running and I'm not having any issues.

    What does a good pc mean? What resolution are your running at? Are you using gsync, or freesync Are you aware of the maximum speed that your monitor can handle? Are you running your monitor at a the highest refresh rate? It could be that the issue is with your computer. How much power does your GPU consuming while you play? What percentage of load is the core you have that can wow uses of your CPU during gaming?

    I was having issues in raid just a few weeks in the past for a couple of weeks at a time while I was trying out addons , both on and off. My issue was resolved by removing the Details streaming (I thinks that's what it's named, I'm not at my computer atm) Try that in case you are also using details.

    Rivatuner should be disabled. My experience was that it caused the game to freeze rather than being stuttering, but you'll never realize it. I'm using the game's fps cap instead now, but sometimes I do experience stammering, and I think it's due to add-ons. And it's more prevalent when I have multiple clients running, as in every 10-20s.

    It's an extreme possibility, but I am looking for an individual or a group of people to play Classic TBC with. My friends and me stopped playing retail. I switched to Classic and I'm quite lonely. It's not easy without CRZbut I'm also playing the horde game on Mankrik. I'm trying to figure out whether someone else is searching for a new friend and maybe they want to chill with me. While I enjoy other PC games, I would love to connect with my WoW friends. I like using discord for voice chat

    I'm sure bartender allows you to change with specs I think. The one who suggested a different extension is probably the most effective. There could also be a method to search for the cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold keybind.dll file under WoW and transfer it to the desktop or somewhere else. After that, drag them in and out from the file to edit the keybinds.