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Jagex requires you to pay real cash to get anywhere

  • I also asked players if War of Legends would be a success. The responses from all of them differed, but all shared the same basic concept. War of Legends is not unique, there are many similar games on OSRS gold the internet. They are also popular. What does that mean? Does it mean that it's going to be a failure? "Evony. Civilization. The Sims. and other similar games are very successful and this is a good thing."

    This is a way to view it! There are enough players around! What do you think about a different view? "No, it won't succeed. Given how many games similar to this exist, there's no difference between this game and the other games. It provides little in terms of fighting using its "scissors-paper-rock", which leaves no space for strategic thinking.

    Jagex stunned everyone with their backing for "JCredits" just a few days after War of Legends was released. This means that you have to pay real money to get an advantage when playing. This is in complete contradiction with their policy on "real-world trading". For real world money games, game products can be traded in exchange for real currency. Jagex apparently likes this idea as long as they can get the cash.

    What do players think of Jcredits? "I prefer for the game to require a small amount of money, and provide member benefits, instead of having Jcredits be used to purchase in-game items. Similar to Runescape membership. The amount of real money you spend won't affect your in game advantage. Let's close this article with a word about JCredits. I personally find it fitting.

    Jagex requires you to pay real cash to get anywhere. Jagex has gone further than the others. They have made it unlawful to make microtransactions to get an edge in the game. Without JCredits, the game is utterly boring."

    Jagex's handling of user feedback was not good, in my opinion. This will be illustrated with an example from my own life. Imagine getting up at a reasonable time in the morning. As soon as you leave your bed, the lights will be on. You are used to dark instead of light, so you'll partially close your eyes and let in the amount of light you can buy RS gold handle. Once you've gotten used to the light, your eyes will open more until you are able to handle the full light of the lamp.