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Oh you mean like fel armaments and arcane books?

  • It's why it's so frustrating to see so many armours that WOW TBC Gold are just recolours since you could just put an intern on them and they'd generally be good. Recolors should be 100% accessible to all sliders.

    It was my first time deciding what a recolour might be. be an actual skin. Reskins have always been my interpretation of animations, but with a completely different style. Recolour, however, is an actual recolour.

    It's true that LFR, normal and heroic are all the same set , with color changes however it's only the mythic set (and some pieces at that) that are distinct.

    Reskin is a skin which uses the same skeleton but it's layered over another. They could be similar to the recolors (if the skin changes are not too major). They can also add extra bits and bits.

    The Iron Skyreaver is a normal mount made of rylak but with some (extremely loud) jet thrusters onto its wings and armor pieces. This is not a skin reskin.

    A recolor is the distinction between Black Drake mount (from 10 Sarth) and the Bronze Drake mount (from H CoS). Other than the color, the model and skin look identical. Experiment 12B consists of a recoloring of the original drake mount.

    Wind Steed is technically a reskinned Horseman's Steed It is however, they put in enough effort to make it look and feel fairly distinct. The Legion Paladin Charger, on the other hand, feels more like Horseman's Steed. However it remains distinct enough to qualify as an reskin.

    Oh you mean like fel armaments and arcane books? I resigned from both BFA and shadowlands in the first month of each , however I can't remember ever being capable of buying an exalted rep. It's a fact that it only existed in classic and tbc . But certain, it's retail that has the rep problem.

    You could run from Shatt to Auchindoun and back, which is probably lower than Kargath and Blackrock Mountain. It's not so bad I'd guess. The only thing they'd need to accomplish is erase or cheap WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold completely revamp the zones that were only for flying. Teleporter is up and down at the most.