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Jagex is increasingly adding limited content into their game.

  • One year after one year later, one year later, Clan Citadels are no longer believed to be of much use. The point is that RS gold you can grind them to create a more attractive building. However the actual building doesn't really perform much, and isn't particularly useful. It's worth xp when you do it. This is fine, but not the main reason. From what I can tell, the following features are fairly pointless:

    The Parliament room in the keep, along with most of the other large-used spaces in the citadel. Sit at the edges, and you can't hear the speaker. Crowd around, and you might as well be meeting anywhere else. Does it really matter that clan members meet during the game? What is the reason to not spend your while to have something there in prime space?

    Clan avatars. Many hours of work, but with very little gain, the most effective is an xp boost of 6%, which is 4 minutes of xp within one hour. There isn't much. Battlefields. While they're a great piece of tech, few people use them. Clan Wars or Wilderness are the most popular places to look for a war. Battlefields are more likely be one-sided than just odd.

    Add that to the fact that aside from the gain in xp, a clan citadel does nothing for you in the game of runescape itself. The clan cape contains three stars, while the vexillum comes with fireworks. Is that really it? Every member of the clan never visits your castle, unless you.

    My clan isn't among those clans who pushes for tier 7, despite casual enjoyment of xp. Sal's Realm is the official clan. Why do you people like clan citadels? Do you enjoy them? If not, what is the reason? I'm looking forward to an interesting discussion about the Clan Citadel update which was released over one year time ago. The update has been altered until the latest clan avatars update.

    Jagex is increasingly adding limited content into their game. This isn't new, but it's slowly increasing. This is called the timed content. It's content that you can only do for a brief duration before you can move on. But it usually gives you greater rewards. This includes regular training sessions like the circus, and random events such the evil tree. There cheap RuneScape gold are also a few 'chunks of xp' games such as Troll Invasion, which can only be played every month.