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We played on a Private Server a few months

  • Most played classes are looking like cleric and aion classic kinah gladiator right now followed with the two casters, at least based on this survey in the big Aion classic discord that was linked on this subreddit. Assassin/ranger are polling lower. This may be due to the fact that many of EU gamers are coming to NA classic, therefore plenty of people are trying to choose more ping-friendly courses.

    Yeah and forget about enjoying Assassin or even Pvp generally (which is the very best aspect of this game. 150+ ping no matter how good internet you've got. Some caster classes may be fine but it is def a con. After all EU has several times more players enjoying and playing Aion, Gameforge just proved to be shit one more time.

    While it's entirely possible that there'll be one in the NA version of the game, there's no evidence for it. Could it eventually alter? Sure. However, every game could potentially add major p2w at any stage.

    I have watched a movie on it yesterday, and while it's not the worst, it may definitely be considered p2w. The streamer I saw said he knows people who purchase the battle pass along with levels on multiple accounts to get more of it. Purchase tbh I am really not thay bothered, as long as they don't make it too awful.

    "There are many players that experienced problems in the original Aion on account of the high EXP required to advance. These issues are corrected in Classic and adjustments are made so that the highest level can be attained in a shorter amount of time"

    Like wtf? Are you currently opening a Classic server for men and women who played with the old Aion or to find the individuals who are playing with it now since I didn't and don't feel a requirement for them to"adjust" the exp or even the problem

    I think that the adjustment was completely needed, you may be forgetting just how grindy classic Aion was. Remember, there were no solo instances, and less quests, no pink quests. From round level 35-45 was dreadful for levelling unless you can solo/duo elites. Jeiparan Village repeatables were dull, which is how my friends grinded to 45/46 earlier we could do Theo Labs.

    We played on a Private Server a few months ago on limitation 4.7, and the mill was much easier due to the extra quests and cases. Playing Classic for us is going to be for rifting in the 30s/40s, also doing DP and Dredgion PvP at level 50 around again, without being massively outgeared by ceaseless officer pvp gear. So we are glad the grind won't be bad, because we can reach that point faster than grinding for weeks through the euro aion classic buy kinah boring 30-40 levels.