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Classic was broken too though. Druids were fairly

  • As somebody who had to quit playing classic as a result of WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold lack of time, it has its flaws, because it is a really old sport now, but it did a lot right too. It did not have a ton of throwaway pieces. Everything in classic was basically required, in order to function somewhere else in classic. I have not seen a match with systems that integrated since then.

    Meanwhile, I haven't gotten any new expansions because legion. Why? Since the game keeps chugging along, but I do not feel as though it's enhanced. I didn't even like Legion that far. It was nice, but I wasn't excited. Hilariously, I adored MoP, since I loved the side stuff (but not a great deal of those dailies).

    I don't think any expansion because MOP actually improved on the match. It's essentially the same game it has been for quite a while, but with a difficult to swallow narrative (I kind of lost track of exactly what happened after MoP,) fresh zones, and a few surface level material switched round and discarded after the previous growth. If anything, it keeps gaining problems and plot holes.

    No, Especially when there are a ton of fantastic PC games that aren't just cheaper, but greater quality, have lots of gameplay , also possess an entire experience as well as the one time price? I really don't believe the MMO genre is dead, but I can think of a good deal of games which I would rather play than WoW.

    I feel . I get real nostalgic for some wow but read up about the current xpac and decide against it. I dont have a tonne of time for games anymore but MOP was the last xpac I did the raids for. I quested a little from the xpac afterwards but got pissed at instances questing zones (I can't play with my buddy now because hes 1 quest ahead wut? Sometimes I feel like I should have sold my account at peak cata days where I'd like 5 maximum level characters with heroic raid gear bits...

    Classic was broken too though. Druids were fairly shitty for a while, particularly if you wished to go freal. They have always had broken classes they do not fix. They did exactly the same thing when they eventually fixed feral druids, they behaved just like that they gave us something amazing. I had been a feral druid to get a year before anyone would take buy WOW TBC Classic Gold me raids, it might have been longer, I can not recall now. Lol.