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World of Warcraft isn't an item or service

  • While you are making great points but you're actually fighting with people who are below you. I've yet to WOW Classic TBC Gold meet someone who glances at their life and says "this home and my job, my car, my friends and the cost of everything I purchased are all perfect." Everything we do is not perfect. It's perfectly acceptable to critique something and make use of it. It's only when it is hypocritical that it crosses the line of being sloppy and unworthy of your time. It's a sad state of affairs.

    While I am laughing at times, I think pricing is flawed because it takes into account the costs of production. Nestle's production of bottled drinking water is a prime example. Nestle has to pay $500 for every million litres of groundwater that they pump into Ontario. It's about 1/20th of a cent per litre that is enough to fill 2 bottles.

    They must pay for their infrastructure, equipment maintenance, as well as their employees. Even though their product isn't free, I wouldn't be shocked to see an enormous profit.

    The market will determine the price you will charge. This is the biggest issue that prevents local production of craft and the production of high-quality products being environmentally sustainable.

    The most prolific suckers on the world are the people who purchase bottles of water. It's the exact same water that is pumped from the tap. The amount of plastic produced is literally contaminating the oceans, landfills and many other places. People who claim to be environmentally friendly can consume bottles of water.

    Yes, it's. However, that's just one instance. There are plenty of other instances and situations in which production costs do not drive the price of the product. What price would you set for IT efficiently if it was solely based on inputs? Do you pay plumbers only for the supplies they employ? Do you require for them to justify their hourly cost by referring to their costs for learning and earning certificates? What is the best way to price the value of securities and other investment vehicles even if there's no cost to keep them?

    World of Warcraft isn't an item or service that is priced according to the costs of production. They develop the game and the tools that allow players to play. They are able to charge as much or cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold as low as they want and are free to charge whatever they want. No one will make you accountable for the purchase you made and you are entitled to cancel your purchase.