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It was a weak strategy because it can be easily

  • Blizzard might allow you to switch factions to Burning Crusade Classic Gold Horde or Alliance without cost however they're not smart enough to allow it. They responded, "This was not an option that was in the original TBC" and they also offered six months of game time which grants you the ability to purchase a Mount or pet that was not included in the initial TBC. It completely ruins immersion as it's the only mount with modern animation.

    They can't, because they're unable to put the rabbit back into their hats. It's an ongoing change to the game. They also fear that cross-play could result in the identity of the alliance/horde becoming unimportant and that's a problem given the amount of marketing it creates.

    The details are what make the difference. The balance of the PvP servers is out of line. 40 percent alliance, 60 percent Horde. PvE is the reverse 60% alliance, 66 percent Alliance, 34 percent Horde.

    What's the conclusion What is the conclusion? Players on the alliance side tend to be more interested in PvE, and this is evident in the server selection and side distribution. The Horde side is more PvP-oriented. This results in an increase in the time it takes to queue up despite both sides being roughly equal in general.

    We can fairly assume it won't work for one Transfers to servers with massive queues were not permitted. A slight shift in racial characteristics did not convince players. It is widely recognized that the racial mix of arena alliances are superior if the other elements are equally. Horde PvPs are eager to become Horde. It is understandable.

    It was a weak strategy because it can be easily avoided. It's possible to block the ability to make new characters on Horde when the number of players on the server grows to 55/45 Horde the most popular. This eliminates the possibility of the server becoming wildly unstable.

    The current approach is a reverse of the game's original concept of two different factions. This is the main idea behind Warcraft since the beginning. The best solution is to provide free faction changes (mindful that they could restrict the change to cheap WOW TBC Gold one account per player) to ensure that players could swap their entire character.