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Solips - A boy awakes to find a world where

  • Inspired by the opera-themed encounter in WoW to be revealed (where one has the option of defeating either Romeo or Juliet, or the WOW TBC Gold wizard from Oz characters or the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood) I decided to use this as the concept of the encounter, or the premise. My wife suggested 'Amletos prince of Thrace to be a twist on Hamlet although I haven't come up with mechanics for this yet.

    It's true that I don't watch the majority of films. I might go a little off the beaten track and even some that are a bit older. And I'll likely write really poor or pathetic summaries since it's been awhile since I've seen these. Even so, these will give you a solid suggestion of what you can swap out if you use any.

    Heracles looking to cause trouble Hera is a young man with a terrible power that is impossible to control. Now, demigods, and former friends try to stop him from inflicting havoc on a society that is a snobby one, as many believe he is Heracles. The true Heracles eventually falls and places the man in the proper place. Based on Akira.

    Afarpazo (someone who knows Greek please help, maybe attempt "A Far Place" in case that's not enough) - A family of young people stumble upon a place where employees of Dionisus have a kind of resort for the gods and nature spirits. In a bizarre event, his parents vanish. But, a kind Naiad assists him in saving his family. Based on Spirited Away.

    Sophus - As some thieves prepare to make off with some of the King's Treasury, a gentleman appears in town and halts the thieves. After some mischief, he defeats the leader and then an ally and gets a reward. Based on Sabata

    Solips - A boy awakes to find a world where clockwork beings are using people for...something, I don't know what. It is based on The Matrix

    Lykos's Run The story of Lykos's Run, a city of young, hedonistic, and affluent people is led by an immortal Tyrant. A guard is buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold sent to unravel the secrets of the people who escaped from their last ritual. Based on Logan's Run