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Outdoor foldable picnic table with barbecue box is practical an

  • The Tomsawyer outdoor folding table is designed to be quickly folded and built, light and compact, and easy to assemble. It can be easily installed by children and the elderly. The desktop adopts metal sandblasting process, which is durable, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and has a strong matte texture. The desktop and stand are made of aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable, and has strong bearing capacity, which is very light and easy to carry. The aluminum tube is combined with the reinforced fastener, which is more sturdy and stable, and the desktop can be fastened by pressing.

    Application of camping table

    Camping is a relaxing recreational activity, and of course there is no shortage of equipment. Camping without a table can only be called a low-profile picnic. For enthusiasts, a real camping must have a large square table, which is not only more convenient when cooking with a fire outdoors, but also inseparable from dining or activities. A nice table.

    In addition to camping tools, barbecue is also an important activity in camping, and this recommended camping table is also a good helper for barbecue. You can put the barbecue box in by picking up the wooden bar on the tabletop, and the tabletop can put seasoning food, which is not too convenient!

    How to set the camping table

    If you want to barbecue, avoid the tuyere when choosing a barbecue venues, do not have shrubs or too many trees around, and do not have flammable objects around the downwind. If possible, it is best to be close to the water source, and prepare water in containers such as buckets and put it next to the oven, just in case. It is strictly forbidden to barbecue in closed places to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Take out the disposable utensils and seasoning brushes, put the food in a cool place, take it out one by one when you need to bake, and open the package to ensure freshness.

    Be very careful when using fire outdoors. Special charcoal for outdoor barbecue, and ignition alcohol, can burn for 2-3 hours, environmental protection, safety and convenience. Take the charcoal out of the package, scatter it in the oven, put sparkling alcohol on it and set it on fire. Wait about 2 minutes until the flame on the surface of the barbecue charcoal burns out and then you can start grilling.

    All ingredients must wait for the flame on the surface of the barbecue charcoal to burn out before grilling. Do not burn or smoke on an open flame during grilling, especially when brushing oil or sprinkling seasoning, the oil will drip on the charcoal and ignite Open fire, at this time, it is necessary to remove the ingredients in time to avoid roasting black and avoid the phenomenon of external scorching and internal inclusion.

    Pay special attention when brushing oil during the barbecue process. Brush the grilling net first to avoid sticking. When the meat skewers are grilled and turn white, brush the oil immediately. The oil brush should not be too much oil, so as not to waste or drip onto the charcoal and cause smoke and fire .

    When grilling meat, simply tear the meat skewers apart. There should be no overlap, stacking, or failure to bake between the skewers, and they should be turned constantly to make them heated evenly, and the oil of the meat skewers should be grilled. Out (bubbling), especially chicken wings and sausages, to fully reflect the aroma of the meat; when grilling small skewers, be sure to brush oil and quickly turn them, and sprinkle them after discoloration.

    It is also important to pay attention to how to put out the flame after the barbecue is finished.

    After the barbecue, use water (ice pack) to completely extinguish the charcoal without leaving any sparks. If it is convenient to bury the extinguished barbecue charcoal with soil, there will be no safety hazard. Wait until the stove is completely cool before charging to avoid burns.

    The table top is made of wood, so it is necessary to use fire safely in the barbecue, and also choose a place away from the air vents and bushes to avoid fires, or put safety first. Hope you all have fun with this picnic table.