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Old School RuneScape Fresh Start worlds

  • This option will be available as of the 19th day of the month by way of an opt-in basis.

    Find out further information on the Old School RuneScape Fresh Start worlds, including information on their accomplishments OSRS Gold, how to get started the game, features and what you can expect to see in the next six months, read the announcement here.

    Fresh Start Worlds brings together old and new players to begin their RuneScape experience anew. This event runs for four months. players will rediscover the land of Gielinor while returning to the most famous cities, memorable quests, skilling zones and boss fights - all equipped with speedy XP and gaming enhancements. There are also lots of rewards you earn to find, such as new cosmetic armour and pet skins, as well as alternative capes of skill, and even rare rewards that can be traded.

    For the first eight weeks of the competition participants will be challenged during the first eight weeks of the event with racing to World Firsts. This will be offered to those who reach 99 to 120 in each of the skills, and the first to obtain the Quest cape (all quests are completed within this game) and the first to reach the Max Cap. The players will be relying on their RuneScape experience during this time as they will be unable to access the Treasure Hunter and premium XP benefits (such as the Premier Membership Artifact) will not be available at this time. RuneScape players are also able to utilize RuneScape bonds to purchase their membership, but limited by one only per week for the initial phase of competitive play.

    "We're thrilled about the potential Fresh Start Worlds has to boost the player base at RuneScape as well as assist players in discovering this game of a lifetime runescape account," stated Jendrik Posche, RuneScape's Executive Producer.

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