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As you're aware the principal reason behind osrs

  • "As you're aware the principal reason behind the Duel Arena's removal was to stop activity which we believed was not in accordance with our policies," said Jagex. "However we've observed since the establishment of PvP Arena these rules-breaking activities have been modified to OSRS Gold. They're basically like 'commission stakestaking' and have been more prevalent in previous players of Duel Arena." Duel Arena."

    "We want to be very clear that "community chucking," regardless of whether you are participating or hosting at all is not permitted and is in crime against The Games of Chance section of our Game Rules," warned the studio. "This is the case regardless how much the host may earn the benefit of a tip or not. Additionally, any staking or dueling using an intermediary is prohibited. We will pursue people and accounts that are involved in staking and chucking."

    Another form of activity Jagex warns against as being in contradiction to the game's rules for games that involve re-rolls. "A Re-roll Prize is a contest where participants are required to participate, often at no cost, for the chance of winning a prize. After everyone has registered to participate in at an for the contest, the host selects a random winner from the participants' list," the studio explained. "After the winner is chosen, participants are sometimes urged to give the host an offsite gift or tip - normally in the kind of money that will be played as the winner of the "giveaway". It could happen many times and with a potential infinite number of replays."

    "These types of giveaways won't be permittedas they do not comply with laws outlined under Section 3.2 of the Real World Trading section. The host of these types of giveaways are likely to be liable for legal action. Giveaways can only be accepted when they are conducted with good intent osrs buy firecape, straightforward procedures and are entirely open to all people," the studio said.