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Madden NFL 23 after the Panthers in 2022

  • Larry Fitzgerald was laying out fools on the night before Mut 23 coins, too. Dwight Freeney's strip sack sealed the victory.

    Seven wins in a consecutive streak for the Cardinals and is the second-longest streak in the Madden NFL 23 after the Panthers. They'll face the Eagles next week, but have to finish their season with back-to back matches at home, against the Packers as well as the Seahawks.

    It was not a bad effort by the Vikings at all, especially with their three best defensive players being out due to injuries. Adrian Peterson scored his 100th career touchdown, which is worth watching again. The team could have won, too should Norv Turner hadn't gotten weird in his call calls during the final minutes of the game.

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    SECRET PLAN: What's deMarco Murray trying to do? The constant nagging towards the Eagles owner might just be a way to get him back to Dallas according to some Madden NFL 23 insiders.

    WHAT'S A CATCH? Madden NFL 23 has a new catch rule committee. The two members of the committee are coaches that got dismissed this season. There's no way to know what they're going to do. BTW the catch rule currently is written may not be nearly as difficult as you think is cheap madden 23 coins.

    GABBO: Blaine Gabbert is playing in a way that is good enough to screw into the 49ers.