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Wasn't that fun during the time it lasted madden 23

  • Wasn't that fun during the time it lasted? With good refs Mut 23 coins, we could watch football for touchdowns and runs and sacks as well as beast mode running backs. If refs aren't good? It's impossible to tell! There could be a disastrous pass interference call that changes the entire game and sparks a riot. Or maybe the game will end with Bill Belichick losing on a call that was not a good field goal and getting into a fight with a ref. The replacements were just one-upping themselves until the final moment, in which they failed to make a correct call in the most stunning way possible. We'll think back to this crazed month for years to come.

    "Remember the disaster that was when Madden NFL 23 attempted to make use of those scab refs?"

    "And everyone at the Madden NFL 23 refused to admit there was even a issue?"

    "And did you know that Madden NFL 23 is an absolute sham that made everyone feel like a part of America?"

    "South Park did an episode about it! Do you remember that?"


    Yes, yes, yes. It's been an amazing ride.

    However, now that we're back to normal? What have we learned from all this?

    Everything you should know about end of replacement refs

    Officials aren't able to officiate. Nothing makes you appreciate old officials as much as watching referees award 200 penalties for pass interference within one game and STILL somehow missing one or two blatant penalty that affects the entire game. God the replacements were awful. Like madden nfl 23 coins, cartoon bad. A never-ending blooper reel. It still seems like it was all an elaborate game played by Roger Goodell. Just to see what happens if America would blink. We did not! We did, at least after Week 1. But then ...