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How do you make use of the Lost Ark


    In search of the Powerpass and the Powerpass in Lost Ark The Powerpass is one of Lost Ark's two methods of propelling characters to levels 50. The benefit is that you'll receive two of them for free Buy Lost Ark Gold. It's unclear when these become available , and how they operate. If you're looking to unlock your Powerpasses or don't know when you should use them, this tutorial will help.How do you get two free Powerpasses within Lost Ark

    In order to unlock your free Powerpass characters In order to unlock your free Powerpass character boosts, progress Lost Ark's main story exploration throughout North Vern on your first character. Simply follow the blue World Quest chain through the continent until you have completed the final challenge, which is known as Ealyn's Gift.Upon your completion, you'll receive a North Vern Powerpass token via email in-game. Take the token and select it right-click in your inventory in order to enable it. After you've done that your first Powerpass will be available in the character select menu.You will be sent a second and final pass in the form of an in-game email once you've completed your first Powerpass and have completed your Adventurer's Path process.

    How do you make use of the Lost Ark Powerpass and how much time does Powerpass leveling takes?

    The Powerpass activation procedure is what can cause some users to be confused since the pass is not instantly available when you create your first character. The good news is that it only takes some time to get going Lost Ark Gold for sale.