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It's definitely a bigger challenge in wow


    It's definitely a bigger challenge than any other expansion ever because of the sheer breadth of choices and abilities and bonuses available to each type. Even if we'd done nothing in 7.1.5. there would've been the introduction of new set bonuses along with new talents, new legendaries buy WoTLK Gold, new trinkets and so on as Nighthold begins. A lot of it is due to the amount of an effort was made in Legion to add new talents to every kind of spec, as well as having four or five rows of unique talents for each spec which was not the case prior to it. There's definitely more combinations or possible class set-ups that anyone can ever test. It's a mixture that includes extensive tests internally as well as data and seeing what happens when players get access to it. Some monitoring and responses to live might be an aspect of this expansion.The video above offers a rundown of the major points, while the full patch notes can be seen here. Blizzard has also released additional in-depth previews for the various components of the patch. You can view here.

    Blizzard Explains The Reasons WoW Classic Server Imbalance is Such a challenging issue to solve

    Blizzard has published a lengthy response to a topic discussing Burning Crusade Classic and World of Warcraft Classic server imbalances, in the process confirming that there will be a "live chat" discussion with the game's players on the issue will be announced soon.

    The forum response, written by Aggrend, a WoW Classic producer who goes by Aggrend's name, on Forum Aggrend, the official WoW community council , delves into the way Blizzard takes on free character transfer server mergers, character transfers, and more. As Aggrend explains WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, it's a complicated issue without a "silver bullet" solution. She writes"that "player distribution across realms is the most difficult problems, if it's not the most complex issue that WoW Classic faces."