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How do you start Vykas's Legion Raft in Lost Ark

  • The two other types of abilities consist of Stacking & Ruin Buy Lost Ark Gold. With Stacking, successful attacks will create up to 4 stacks on the target. When a Ruin ability lands on the target, it consumes stacks that have constructed on the object to create more damage which creates the chance to inflict enormous damage.

    Despite being armed with an arsenal of skills however, the Arcanist is sometimes able to leave the decisions to fate of cards, thanks to her unique skill "Card Deck". If a player hits an attack, it will charge card Meter.

    How do you start Vykas's Legion Raft in Lost Ark

    Are you unsure of how to start playing the Vykas Legion Raid in Lost Ark This challenging new Raid is all the rage within Smilegate and Tripod Studio's MMORPG as players compete in the hopes of earning the best rewards. Here's all you need to know about how you can begin it.

    Before diving too deeply in our requirements it is important to note that the Vykas encounter on Lost Ark only has restarts and not resurrections. In this regard, you'll need to make sure that you've got plenty of powerful gear for the difficult battle.

    The Raid is divided into three distinct phases. each of which requires different strategies and battle times for success. There are also two modes to this event: regular and hard, each changing the level of combat required best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. With this in mind let's go into how to set things up.