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Nations to Watch means that anyone fut 23


    "Wins to watch" means that when the team's player wins three times out of the next eight domestic matches (starting September 30) and they are awarded an additional stats upgrade that is equivalent to an additional in-form FIFA 23 coins. Thus, if Man City win 3/8 games, Haaland gets another +1 over and above in-form updates which he is entitled to. (Lol 'if'.)

    Nations to Watch means that anyone who has an Ones to Watch card whose country is participating in this year's World Cup will receive a one-off in-form upgrade if their team win a game in the competition. There are some tough times for Erling on this particular front, according to reports, due to Norway's non-participation. ('Tough times for Erling' is not something we expect to write on many other occasions this year/decade/millennium.)

    Plus, Nations to Watch players don't need to be picked as a member of their national team to receive the upgrade, so should Gabriel Jesus somehow doesn't make the Brazil squad and his countrymen score an upset in Qatar, the Arsenal hitman still gets an extra.

    In the end, it's important to note there is a limitation to Ones to Watch players do not receive upgrades based on other promo cards. In other words, if Tyler Adams gets some sort of wild 90+ card in April as part of an upcoming promotion called Factsmashers or whatever that is the case buy FUT 23 coins, his OTW will not be upgraded as a result. (Sorry Tyler. If it makes you feel any better, then you're almost everyone's preorder OTW package.)