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Rodgers blames Tampa Bay turf for injury madden 23


    Given the questionable situation surrounding Johnny Manziel, Hoyer might seem like a desirable alternative. However Mut 23 coins, Hoyer might just have options elsewhere and not have to contend with more coaching staff turnover and the potential pressure for the organization to force Manziel ahead. Hoyer passed 55.3 percent of his pass attempts, gaining 3.326 yards with 12 touchdowns and 13 interceptions last season.

    Baltimore could part ways with Ngata

    The Baltimore Ravens have asked defensive tackle Haloti Ngata if they can restructure his contract or reduce his salary repeatedly over the last couple of seasons. They're predicted to do it again this offseason. At each time Ngata wasn't truly interested and this time, there is a chance for the two teams to part the ways appears to be real.

    As per the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens must reduce the cap hit of Ngata for 2015-16. and if they don't, they may wind up releasing the veteran. Ngata has been a huge aspect of Baltimore's defense for a long time, but his play on the field is starting to slow down. He's hit with a cap that is $16 million. Keeping that is more important rather than giving Ngata less money.

    Rodgers blames Tampa Bay turf for injury

    Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers blamed the surface on the field at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay for the calf injury that he was dealing with throughout the playoffs. Rodgers declared that there's some "couple surfaces that are more likely to cause injury and not prevent it buy madden nfl 23 coins," according to Madden NFL "There's some ones that I think must be looked at. Tampa is one of them due to the amount of play, I'm guessing, that happens there."