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WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Players


    Another thing I'd suggest people look for is micro-holidays buy WoTLK Gold. We've added two of new ones, and have been slightly more easily missed over the years. You must be aware that when they're due. You should see it in the launcher or look on your schedule. There aren't many people who open their calendar every day. I'm pretty sure I don't. They'll be more noticeable. They'll be part of 7.2.5. We've added kind of advertisement characters into Dalaran who will be there for a day in advance, which is a day prior to the Moonkin Festival, you'll see the druids along with Moonkin show up there in Dalaran in a noticeable spot. They can be approached and they'll reply with some thing like "Oh yeah! The Moonkin Festival is here!" or "It's due to start tomorrow." If you'd like to have a Moonkin friend who follows you around, you must be there. That's something I'm sure other people could be looking out for, too.

    WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Players are Already at Level 70

    The Dark Portal to Outland may be just opening, but many players in one of the world's top World of Warcraft : Burning Crusade Classic guilds have already reached level 70.

    According to Wowhead, a five-man group made up of members of the guild Progress are the winners of the world's first 70-level 70s at Burning Crusade Classic, with player Hacez making history by being the first to hit the milestone. Other members of the group hit 70 shortly after cheap WoTLK Classic Gold. The total time to hit the game's recently released level cap was 13 hours.