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7 Tips to Survive Your Online Classes

  • Online classes are growing in popularity and it's not surprising why. Students can easily fit another class into their busy schedules or enroll in a class at a local college to receive a lower tuition cost. They may even be able to complete their entire degree online.

    An online course can be very attractive because you can make your own schedule and work at your pace. You can save time by taking online classes. This allows you to concentrate on your family, work, traditional classes and other activities on campus. Online classes don't come with all the fun and games. However, if you lack discipline, panic can quickly take over.

    You could fall behind halfway through the semester if you don’t manage your online courses well. Or, perhaps you find that you missed the deadline on an assignment.

    It's very easy for online courses to sneak up on people if they don't know what to do. And suddenly, your plans to make money or get ahead look less real.

    You can avoid these situations by taking steps. Don't panic if you wake up at 3 am in a panic.

    You've already taken the first steps to survival. Now, you need to start searching for tools to help your online class pass. Give yourself a high five, tell yourself it's possible, and use these 7 tips on how to survive your online classes.

    1. Register as soon as you can for your class

    Although this may sound obvious, knowing exactly what your professor expects is key to creating a plan of action to get the best grades possible. Don't wait and assume that you will get nothing in the first week.

    2. Log in to class frequently

    It can be tempting to log-in at the beginning, but make a plan first, then log in only when you have an Assignment due. However, as with traditional classes things can change. It is possible that your professor will have to modify the schedule. They may also decide in mid-semester they feel an additional assignment is necessary. No matter what, it is important to log in regularly so you don't get surprised by any changes.

    You can set an alarm every day or every few to remind you of your need to log in, then follow the schedule you've created.

    3. You can dedicate a time of day to your class

    Online classes don't require a schedule. You can also put it off if you have other things to do.

    You can keep on track and stay engaged by setting a schedule and time for each course. Google Calendar and iCal are great tools to help you plan time for your coursework.

    4. Get to Know Your Professor

    This is because most of the time, you do not meet your professors when taking online classes. The professor doesn't see you as a person, so they have no contact with you.

    By sending an email to introduce yourselves, you will be giving them something beyond your name when they are grading work.

    5. Do not be afraid of asking for help

    It can be hard for students to request help or find the right time without a set class schedule. As we have said, professors are still humans, even if they're online. They really want to help your achieve your highest grade. This is a great way for you to ask questions or reach out via a message board. Ask for help one of this reviewed services in article - 

    6. Utilize technology to your advantage

    There are tons of study guides available online as well as in apps. Look into the free online coding classes available if your computer science class is online. Khan Academy offers help for those who are struggling with math.

    7. Join other students

    You aren’t the only student at the class (even though it may feel like that sometimes). Reach out your classmates to see if any of them are having similar struggles. Perhaps you can set up a google chat study group or discussion forum that allows you access to the support you need.

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