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WOW TBC Classic: Can players use Mooncloth to craft Gold?

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    May 27, 2022 11:41 PM PDT

    In WoW Classic TBC, the Mooncloth is an item used with the Tailor Profession. This is especially useful if the player is a DPS character, or if the player is a character with a class that uses cloth to dress. For example, the Warlock class is considered one of the best DPS classes available to players. By using this class, players will be able to provide the best equipment available for Warlocks.

    With tailoring, players can also take advantage of three fabrics, one of which is the highly sought-after Mooncloth. These clothes have a cool-down period that lasts several days, so demand will be high. Of course, there are plenty of other useful classes besides tailors, but that's what players need when it comes to Mooncloth. Additionally, crafting items can earn players Burning Crusade Classic Gold. At the same time, MMOWTS will help players earn Gold more easily.

    This comes down to the question of whether players should sell their Mooncloth piles now, or keep them for The Burning Crusade. There is a saying that players can save it to make WoW Classic packs, but players also have cheaper alternatives like Netherweave packs, so players don't need Mooncloth either.

    As we all know, TBC Classic Gold is a very important commodity in TBC Classic games, and there is no sign of letting up as far as the gold players need to get into TBC. So, making sure players get a decent amount of targets is crucial to getting to the next expansion. Players can consider some ways to make money for players to use before entering TBC.

    Players can use the Auction House to flip WoW TBC Classic items. Focus on loot materials and buy them on weekends when prices are low. After that, players can wait until the raid resets on Tuesday, when player demand for them will be higher. Crafting materials is also helpful. By crafting the items players are looking for, players are sure to get WOW TBC Gold instantly.

    Therefore, players should focus on earning TBC Classic Gold during this period, rather than worrying about what Mooncloth has to offer players when entering The Burning Crusade. If players want to get a lot of TBC Classic Gold in a short period of time, then players can turn to for help. There players can buy TBC Classic Gold at the lowest price on the market, while they will enjoy the highest quality service.