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WotLK Phase 2 Guide: Top 3 DPS Classes in Ulduar

  • WotLK Phase 2 Guide: Top 3 DPS Classes in Ulduar

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    The Ulduar is arriving on Jan 19. Many players are discussing these questions: How well each class performs within this raid? What are the classes that in some way shine in the beginning or later in phase 2? Which are the forms of the top-tier classes in Ulduar?

    Today, we are going to talk about the superior three classes, specifically talking about DPS for WotLK. These are for early game Ulduar along with the late game, where they will sort of shift in how good these are slightly, however, these are still likely to be the three classes that shine extremely.

    Well, I have to say Ulduar is usually a unique raid. This may be the first raid we've encountered in all of the Classic where almost every boss is. For the most part, has some actual mechanics that actually fully affect the way you play every one of your classes.

    Some bosses with particular buffs greatly improve the DPS of certain classes without doing nearly as often for others, so those classes can shine on those specific fights. Some types shoot up in some fights. Of course, there is certainly going to be a unique mention of one class that I think would be the resident sleeper class for an additional phase, so stay tuned in to the end should you want to determine that.


    I still find it probably the most stackable, especially in the early stages, an easy task to support, deal phenomenal damage, and is an easy task to survive.

    Phase 2 is sort of the phase from the Warlocks. This is where we have seen a huge start in the DPS numbers of Warlocks themselves, but we already see Warlocks are virtually the strongest or second strongest class, so phase 2 goes up more.

    Warlocks throughout this whole raid are simply phenomenally consistent and always destined to be one with the most stackable classes. They have a lot of HP, for them to survive most with the mechanics that now have one or two shots.

    Most of the players come in the raid, so whenever they it is simpler for you to progress through the raid. Now both Warlock specs, Demonology, and Affliction are singing their times to shine, and they can be doing phenomenal DPS. There are lots of situations in which you might need some extra cleave damage where demonology is definitely gonna destroy essentially everyone.

    If you actually have an off-spec that you are not utilizing at this time, you can pick up destruction with the Freya encounter; it simply makes things extremely easy.

    If you need to AoE stun and it really helps out with all of the DPS and handling the addons, Warlocks and quite a few casters could possibly get a great deal of gear from hard modes. The gear is buffed, and that means you will see plenty of people fighting for all with the gear you would like, so should you want to scale really well, you're definitely going to try and do these hard modes, nevertheless, you might have some struggles getting all your gear.

    Unholy Death Knight

    Maybe you will be a type of surprised. Now I'm speaking about this class, but Frost Death Knight, especially for Alliance, is still usually one of your most robust classes, and it is possible to absolutely stack him, but Holy Death Knights are destined to be the PowerHouse within this raid for the lot in the fights, and that is for any few different reasons.

    One Unholy DK's scale phenomenally well, and all simulations currently on Holy DK, even at the three-minute fight situation, remain to do the best single target DPS throughout an entire raid.

    If we look at all of the classes at this time, a very important factor that's essential to note is you will find three-minute fights are usually literally the worst time of fights you can have with an Unholy DK on account of your Gargoyle is precisely a three-minute CD, technically I guess you can say like a three minute and 15-second fight include the worst, but in either case that may be the weakest we are gonna look comparing ourselves for some other classes.

    Now Holy DKs must be the kings of burst in Wrath on the Lich King, and in addition, they continue to scale phenomenally well throughout this whole expansion, additional than they ever did before on private servers with multiple items that actually enter into that.

    If they play well are ridiculously useful on this raid, which is because a lot of the bosses have massive DPS checks that are actually phased out. It means that you might have to postpone DPS for a certain portion, and also for the last phase of your boss, you may need to absolutely offer a pump and push just as much as possible. This is gonna be very vital for just a lot of the hard modes, this also is where Unholy DKS shines.

    Those small burst windows are by far and away the strongest actions from the Unholy DK. Now the important thing to notice here is that you must play correctly with the Unholy DK to completely shine in these moments, nevertheless, they can absolutely easily push your guild over into your DPS. You have to be capable of down a boss.

    Now, this type of situation pertains to many in the fights throughout Ulduar, which is why Unholy DKs are really powerful, just like DPS powerhouses. DKS also incorporates phenomenal self-sustain along with CDs where they will use such things as Anti-Magic Shell, which may actually protect themselves from your lot on the mechanics.


    I will focus on Assassination Rogue. Still, you'll find some fights, like Kologarn and Resilience and many others, which might be extremely powerful to exchange to combat since you have Cleave, which is certainly doubling your DPS with the duration of it being up, and we will see combat Rogues and do ridiculous numbers on certain fights. The class skills quite well throughout the entirety of the Wrath in the Lich King expansion.

    Rogues are pretty much likely to be topping some fights, along with being near the most notable in a lot of other situations. During phase 1, we did see Rogues rise to the highest of the overall meters. Rogues absolutely shine in speed runs or overall DPS through raids, using some cheeky Phantom knives technology. Now the Assassination Rogue is powerful in just about every fight in Ulduar.

    There are a couple of fights where a melee DPS can be quite a bit of the Hindrance, that you're not necessarily getting buffed all the as some in the casters, but undeniably, you will find some items that Rogues can do that absolutely cause them to vital for progression, and as they scale very well with getting gear inside the raid, really vital for most with the encounters.

    Now, particularly, Rogues very rarely die, which is essential in Ulduar's early phases. Because like the raid, you will find significant amounts of AoE damage which could go out, and you'll find a few abilities that Rogues can absolutely ignore using the Cloak of Shadows, but something that most individuals do not really expect from Rogues make use of is actually using faint.

    Now Rogues already have actually established that using faint on single Target situations instead of tricks from the trade can be a DPS gain on their own. That faint actually provides you with a 50% damage reduction from AoE abilities. This means you may live through now more things happening inside the raid and keep DPS the bosses when lots of your raids are dead, especially since you progress through these hard modes.

    We all should be aware by now that uptime is King when discussing DPS. If you're continuing to hit a boss, you happen to be going to perform more damage unless your class is extremely weak comparatively than anybody that has to go out and Dodge mechanics, so this is destined to be one of the biggest reasons why Rogues are gonna be extremely useful and potentially stackable early on within this phase.

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