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Gothik the Harvester Strategy Guide– Naxxramas (25)

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    Gothik the Harvester may be the second boss in the Military Wing in Naxxramas. He is one on the Scourge’s master necromancers, able to instantly reviving armies from the dead to go on their fight to the Lich King.

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    “Gothik, the Harvester. A master of necromancy and conjuration, Gothik has been said to be capable to beckon forth legions with the undead at the moment’s notice. It is in reference to his guidance that the weakest of Death Knights can increase the dead.” –Commander Eligor Dawnbringer

    This guide will give you a detailed, step-by-step tutorial in order to deal with Gothik the Harvester’s onslaught of both living and dead.


    Phase 1

    During this Phase, you'll be fighting against the living and undead legions of Gothik. Each individual enemy type have their own abilities, a few of which are best handled simply by killing the enemy before it possesses a chance to turned into a problem.

    Undead Enemies

    As enemies within the living side die, they are resurrected for the undead side, transforming into spectral versions of themselves with the exact same abilities which might be again best dealt with simply by killing them before it gets a problem.

    Phase 2

    For this Phase, the one concern is Harvest SoulHarvest Soul, which puts a timer within the raid to kill Gothik before you reach way too many stacks.

    The Pull

    Before you pull you would like to make sure many people are on appropriately split relating to the Living and Undead sides, having no less than 1 tank on either sides, in addition to enough DPS and Healers not to be overwhelmed. The Undead side can often be the harder side as they find more enemies in a time compared to the living side, so some raids may choose to weigh their group heavier towards that.

    When many people are in position, simply pull Gothik with any ranged attack to start the encounter.

    The Single-Side Pull

    Some groups choose to do this fight on the one hand instead of split between your two. This strategy requires less micromanagement but tend to lead to raids being overwhelmed later in your dream. This could be the more common strategy, but generally, neither is faster or easier, only different.

    For this pull, simply gather everyone about the Living side and pull Gothik with any ranged attack to start out the encounter.

    Phase 1

    Gothik will periodically spawn waves of enemies for 4 minutes. These enemies will spawn on one in the 3 platforms around the Living side and when killed will respawn around the bone piles about the Undead side.

    The Unrelenting Trainees and Spectral Trainees are mainly fodder enemies which will quickly crumble, tanks will typically n't want to bother with these when they will die too fast to think about anyway.

    Unrelenting Death Knights and Spectral Death Knights are mainly simple and quick to take care of, nonetheless they will need being tanked when they can easily kill squishier DPS classes. Melee may wish to avoid engaging these problems together to avoidShadow MarkShadow Marktheir AoE’s, but this fight is often very slow and also boring thus it may be difficult to resist engaging.

    Unrelenting Riders include the main threat around the Living side, they need being killed as soon as is possible to minimize the injury dealt by Unholy AuraUnholy Aura. They also deal plenty of damage towards the tanks and need to become handled for that reason.

    When an Unrelenting Rider dies, a Spectral Rider as well as a Spectral Horse spawn within the Undead side. These two together are definitely the strongest adds in the struggle, dealing constant AoE damage with Unholy AuraUnholy Aura and StompStomp. Because of this, it might become an issue if Living adds are killed too soon, potentially overwhelming the Undead side.

    Here are some with the main items that can typically go awry in this phase:

    The Undead side gets overwhelmed considering that the Living side kills things too tightly together

    Players lose interest and lose focus, producing adds not dying or players dying.

    Phase 2

    After a lengthy and boring 4-minutes, Phase 1 will finish and Phase 2 begins. Gothik will teleport down from his balcony right down to the Living side, teleporting relating to the sides every 10-seconds roughly, until he or she is at 30% health. At 30% health the gate inside middle will open, letting players from each party gather together and DPS him down.

    Gothik himself does nothing particular throughout this Phase, but every 15-seconds the raid will gain one stack of Harvest SoulHarvest Soul, effectively placing timer on killing him.

    Congratulations on defeating Gothik! Next up is The Four Horsemen, so I we imagine you feel well rested and ready after Gothik!

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