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Paladin build introduce Hammerdin by Hnk

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    D2r Ladder Items

    The Hammerdin is one of the most popular Paladin builds from Diablo II. He specialized in the skill Blessed Hammer, hence the name. This is a very effective Player vs Monster (PvM) build usable in almost all possible situations.



    Shako (Socketed with a Ber or Ist Rune or a Perfect Topaz)

    Ber is for reducing damage %, and the perfect Topaz and Ist rune is for high magic find


    Archon Plate with Enigma

    Enigma Mage Plates are a good choice if you wish to add 0 to Strength and use 2 Stones of Jordan instead of 1 rare ring with a Strength modifier.


    Arachnid Mesh


    Sandstorm Trek

    preferably Ethereal


    War Travelers

    for a high magic, find




    Trang-Oul's Claws

    preferably with 74 Defense



    10% Max Mana and +5 Mana After Each Kill


    Sacred Targe with Spirit

    try getting one with a high fast-cast-rate (FCR), resistances (RES) and enhanced defence (ED).

    OR Herald of Zakarum, for the +2 Pally skills and +2 Combat skills

    Off-hand shield

    Paladin Bo shield with Spirit

    this is to buff call to arms battle orders and battle command


    Flail with Heart of the Oak

    Off-hand weapon:

    Any one-handed weapon with low requirements. Call to Arms


    Stone of Jordan


    Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band


    Ring with great modifiers like

    10%+ Faster Cast Rate

    15+ Strength

    15+ Dexterity

    + Life

    + Mana

    + to All Resistances


    Mara's Kaleidoscope

    preferably with +28-30 to All Resistances

    Additional equipment

    Hellfire Torch

    preferably with the highest stats possible


    preferably with the highest stats possible

    4 Combat/Life Grand Charms (You should still reach 14k hammer dmg with only 4 Combat grand charms.) You can get up to 17k with nine grand charms, but it's really just a waste of space when you could be getting much more life/resists.

    Preferably 40-50 Life each

    The rest of the inventory slots can be filled with 3-4 15/70's, and the rest should be 20 life, 5 resist small charms


    Combat Skills

    Smite - 1

    Holy Bolt - 1

    Charge - 1

    Blessed Hammer - 20 (primary attack skill)

    try to max this out first

    Holy Shield - 20

    should be maxed out last

    Offensive Auras

    Might - 1

    Blessed Aim - 20

    max after Vigor

    Concentration - 20 (primary aura)

    max after Blessed Hammer

    Defensive Auras

    Prayer - 1

    Cleansing - 1

    Defiance - 1

    Vigor - 20

    max after Concentration

    Redemption - 1

    use to regenerate life/mana until Holy Shield is maxed out

    Salvation - 1

    useful for parties. Put a point after maxing out Holy Shield and putting a point in Redemption.

    If the player has completed the game and is at level 99, a single skill point remains, which can be distributed to whichever skill the player chooses.


    Strength - Just enough to wear all the equipment after all the bonuses from the charms and some of the equipment are added.

    Dexterity - Just enough for a max block which also depends on your gear (can be anywhere between 40-xx points depending on equipment)

    Vitality - Any and all the points you can spare

    Energy - None


    The best Hireling to play with this build is a Defensive Act II Desert Mercenary from Normal/Hell difficulty.

    Aura - Defiance

    Helm - Ethereal Andariel's Visage with a Ral


    Helm - Perfect Ethereal Vampire Gaze with a Ber

    Vampire Gaze with 8% life leech and 20% damage reduction when clean (before socketed)

    Armour - Sacred Armor with Fortitude

    preferably with 3500+ Defense

    Weapon - Ethereal Cryptic Axe with Obedience

    try getting 385% Enhanced Damage


    Weapon - Ethereal War Pike with Breath of the Dying.

    try getting 415% Enhanced Damage

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