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Assassin Class and Builds in Diablo 2

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    One of the 2 classes included Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction; the Assassin can be a cunning melee/caster hybrid who strikes through the shadows operating mystical techniques.

    This page covers the basics of the Assassin class and directs you to our Assassin builds in Diablo 2.

    What Is an Assassin?

    Dual wielding her iconic claws, the Assassin ambushes her enemies with deadly grace before quickly retreating towards the shadows. As a master of elemental, psychic, and physical attacks at melee and from afar, her versatility is unmatched.

    The Martial Arts tree lets the Assassin slice and dices her enemies with physical solid and elemental charge-up skills, which grow in power with each subsequent hit. This tree will also feature dragon-type skills, which are special attacks that unleash said charges.

    The Shadow Disciplines can be an occult tree that delivers the Assassin with assorted tools, from simple buffs to mental attacks for crowd control to summoning dark clones of herself.

    The Traps tree allows the Assassin to create elemental traps that dispatch enemies independently.

    What Is the Best Assassin Build?

    The Trapsin, an Assassin focusing on traps (typically, Lightning Sentry), is widely considered one of the best Assassin builds due to the excellent blend of safety, part of the effect, and damage output.

    Is the Assassin a Good Class for Beginners?

    The Trapsin above build is excellent for beginners because of its simplicity, inherent safety, and relative unreliance on gear. Melee Assassin builds are now more challenging to play and require good equipment to carry out well, causing them to be less ideal for newer players.

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