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Andariel Run Farming Guide in Diablo 2

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    In the following information, we will cover what an Andariel Run is, the requirements, what loot you will probably receive, and how to best defeat Andariel.

    An Andariel run is often a kill of Act 1 Boss Andariel perfectly found on the Catacombs Level 4. Andariel can be a straightforward boss to kill for magic finding; if you know how to quest glitch her, she drops plenty of good goods you will need for several end-game builds! Before understanding the best way to quest glitches her, let's cover a few of Andariel's statistics.

    A quick look at her level in Hell shows that it is 75, which uncovers the door for many significant Item drops. Also, from above, you can note that Andariel can be pretty weak to Fire, Physical, and Magical (Blessed Hammer, Bone Spear, Bone Spear, etc.) Damage. As to the other resistances, these are still incredibly competitive, so most characters can reduce through her pretty quickly!

    Andariel is situated in the Catacombs Level 4 after Act 1. The fastest way of getting there is to utilize Catacombs Level 2 Waypoint and Teleport or Run straight towards her, although it can be not a bad idea to quit and open a few of the chests on the way to her for anyone who is in Hell difficulty. The fastest way to reach Catacombs level 4 in the Waypoint is to move counter-clockwise to find the stairs to your Catacombs Level 3. From the entranceway of Level 3, it can be random, so select a direction you need to move!

    The best method to test if you're under-geared/under-leveled for this is to try performing a run for yourself. While her Poison attacks can do much damage, they are easily avoided, and it is possible to always carry some Antidote Potions to halt the Damage. Ideally, you want to ensure you have enough poison effectiveness against a tank widespread or two from her, and then you'll be able to just dodge around and kite her to death. If she takes more significant than 30 seconds with a minute to kill, we might recommend just farming Nightmare Andariel.

    The thing about farming Andariel is she can drop a lot of various things that can help you get towards the next level. Whether you need some set pieces or good jewelry to relocate to Hell difficulty farming, Andariel probably has it, and she can be a lot easier to kill than the other bosses! Also, due to the Quest Drop Glitch, she drops better still Loots, making farming her much more productive.

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