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Five Grisly Monsters in Diablo 2 Resurrected

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    If you've been playing Diablo 2 Resurrected for some time, which monsters are difficult to handle? This time we will share the scene of Old School Game Snob.

    Tomb Vipers

    Tomb Vipers undoubtedly are a variation of the Claw Viper monster. The major problem with using these is their poison cloud. When moving through it, players can encounter the Crushing Blow effects. And the cloud can spread, spanning a large area. Therefore, it causes massive problems for players.

    How To Deal with It

    The way to manage Crushing Blow would be to stack many physical damage reductions here. In this video, this character has stacked 56 damage reductions with a few sol runes. Some d2r socketed items could be implemented, such as The Gladiator's Bane and Stormshield.

    Why the Method Works

    After characters are equipped with such D2R armor or Shields, what are the results when they explain to you those poison clouds? We can see in the video any time she runs from the poison cloud, her mana energy disappears completely, but her health energy doesn't decrease. That is why Crushing Blow, because of the Tomb viper's poison cloud, stacks many small damage attacks, which players can cope with little by little. So, with plenty of items' support, players can survive because the cumulative effect of reducing physical Damage is considerable.

    Death Lords

    Death Lords really are a Blood Lord variant. These guys are problematic. One of them by themselves is pretty dangerous. It is scarier when they use a berserk Frenzy simply because it can chase you down, thus hitting you so quick. It's hard to flee.

    Doom Knights

    The Doom knights will also be fast heavy hitters, which cope with your defenses and smack your well-being down. Players can beat them only after they level up to such hardcore Sorceress that can casually farm nightmare difficulty Chaos Sanctuary. Doom knights will give a hit before players can teleport out. How fast these are. So they are dangerous enemies that players wish to stay away from.

    Black Souls

    Black Souls are variants of the Willowisp. These can easily punch via a player's mana energy shield, and these are really hard to protect yourself from.

    How To Deal with It

    A possible way to cope with these guys is players can rapidly equip some Wisp Projector rings and Thundergod's vigor when these monsters' target has never turned on you.

    Why the Method Works

    Because Black Souls can make use of a Lightning attack, and players' survival rates count on how high their resistances are. Equipping D2R Items using the Lighting Resist attribute can hold players a whole lot.

    Undead Stygian Dolls

    Undead Stygian Dolls include the most dangerous monsters in Diablo 2, which can be variants of Bone Fetish. The best defense is outside. These things can explode when players kill them. If players are usually in a group, the harm is terrible as the explosion will depend on the amount of life we were holding spawned with. It's so annoying they can chase players across the place. Freezing all of them with Cold attacks and finishing them far from a distance is one way to face this.

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