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What is the reason why the chamber filter press cannot press mu

  • If the chamber filter press cannot produce mud, it will have a great impact on our use. Therefore, if we want to use the chamber filter press correctly, we must strictly follow the operation. When using the chamber filter press, maintenance is required. Various components, otherwise, if they have problems, there will be very serious consequences! Then, what is the reason why the chamber filter press cannot press the mud? Let me introduce myself to you below.

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    1. The flocculation effect of sludge is not ideal

    The chamber filter press is more dependent on conditioning. The chamber filter press is suitable for suspensions with large or almost incompressible filter residue compressibility. The solid particle concentration of suitable suspensions is generally less than 10%, and the operating pressure is generally 0.3 to 0.6 MPa, especially 3 MPa or higher. A filter press whose elastic membrane is installed between the filter plate and the filter cloth of the membrane filter press. In the process of use, after the feeding is completed, the high-pressure fluid or gas medium can be injected into the diaphragm plate, and then the whole diaphragm will bulge to press the filter cake, thereby further dehydrating the filter cake, which is usually called press filtration.

    If the dosage is insufficient and the conditioning effect is not good, the capillary water in the sludge cannot be converted into free water and is removed in the gravity zone, so the sludge entering the low-pressure zone from the mold zone is still fluid and cannot be squeezed. . On the contrary, if the dosage is too large, first, the treatment cost will be increased, and more importantly, the filter belt will be blocked due to the increased viscosity of the sludge. For municipal sewage mixed sludge, when cationic PAM is used, the dosage of dry sludge is generally 1-10 kg/t, which can be determined by experiment or repeatedly adjusted during operation.

    2. Low mud concentration is the main reason

    The sludge concentration, often referred to as the sludge solid content, is less than 1, the direct mechanical sludge dewatering effect is not ideal, and the demand for flocculants increases. If the domestic sludge or viscous industrial sludge with a concentration lower than 1 enters the chamber filter press, it will cause sludge leakage, and the sludge cannot be pressed, and the treatment efficiency is low. The traditional practice is to increase the sludge thickening tank in civil construction. Centrifugal sludge thickener solves this problem very well. After thickening by the sludge thickener, the sludge concentration can be increased to about 3.5-11, which is very suitable for entering the chamber filter press for pressure filtration and dehydration process, avoiding the need for sludge Sludge leakage due to low concentration. It has been widely used in some sewage with a large amount of sewage and low solid content of sludge, such as domestic sewage.

    3. The filter cloth is aged or improperly selected

    The above is the introduction of the reasons why the chamber filter press cannot press mud, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. As a chamber filter press company, Kintep specializes in wholesale chamber filter press equipment. Our products are of good quality. If you want to know more about chamber filter press, then come and pay attention to our website.