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How to make chamber filter press run stably

  • With the implementation of energy-saving and emission reduction policies for chamber filter press products in the industrial field, the demand for chamber filter press products in the market continues to rise. While chamber filter press products are widely used, users are also thinking about how to make chamber filter press equipment more stable. The operation, while ensuring the normal production of the enterprise, while reducing costs.

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    1. Make preparations before the chamber filter press equipment is started. Before the equipment is started, it is necessary to do a series of preparations for the equipment, check whether the oil quantity is enough, and check whether the lines are unobstructed, so as to prevent them from being exhausted during the long-term work of the equipment, causing damage to the equipment and preventing the equipment from being damaged. Don't stop running. In addition, we also need to make emergency plans for emergencies. The equipment must be running continuously, so there may be some emergencies or problems. At that time, we need to come up with plans that have already been prepared. , to restore the device to work or reduce damage. Therefore, in terms of preparation, we must do a good job in preparing for preparatory events and emergencies before the equipment is started.

    2. Always pay attention to the operation process of the chamber filter press equipment. When the chamber filter press equipment is running, we need to pay attention to its various states, especially some intuitive and important states, such as the quality of the water flowing out of the water holes outside the equipment, whether it is clear and orderly, when the water is not clear enough At this time, it is very likely that the filter cloth is damaged and there are loopholes. We should remedy it in time to avoid the reduction of the filtering quality of the equipment. Another example is the airtightness of the filter plate. When the equipment is working, the filter chamber must not be allowed to infiltrate. If the liquid can flow out, the equipment will not work properly. There are only two reasons for this, one is that the filter plate is broken, and the other is Insufficient pressure on the filter plate.

    Chamber filter press manufacturers believe that only by doing the above two points can the chamber filter press equipment run more stably. As a chamber filter press manufacturer, Kintep has rich experience and professional technology, specializing in the production of chamber filter press. If you want to know more about chamber filter press, then come and pay attention to our website.