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Precautions for the use of chamber filter press

  • Speaking of chamber filter press, many people should be familiar with it. The advantages of the chamber filter press are that it is convenient to replace the filter cloth, less loss during feeding, fast filtration, high temperature and high-pressure resistance, good sealing performance, uniform filter cake washing, and water content. The efficiency is low, and the pressure of each filter chamber is uniform and not easy to damage the plate, which is basically suitable for all solid-liquid separation industries. So what are the precautions for the use of a chamber filter press?

    chamber filter press

    1. Operators must be trained before they can take up their posts; on-site operators must understand the basic process and daily maintenance methods of chamber filter press operation, so as to avoid misuse of equipment, production, and themselves. In a special operating environment, please wear protective equipment, such as breathing masks, ear muffs, safety shoes, safety gloves, etc.

    2. Correct selection of filter cloth. At the end of each work, the filter cloth must be cleaned once so that there is no residue left on the surface of the cloth. When the filter cloth becomes hard, it should be softened. If it is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. 

    3. Pay attention to protecting the sealing surface of the filter plate, do not collide, it is better to stand when placed, which can reduce deformation. The filter plates must be placed in order and in the specified number, and it is forbidden to start the operation when the number of filter plates is less than the specified number to prevent accidents. 

    4. The oil tank is usually cleaned once every six months, and the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is replaced. When the liquid level is found to be lower than the lower limit, the oil should be replenished immediately.

    5. The temperature of the material to be filtered should be ≤100℃, and the material and liquid should not be mixed with sundries and hard objects to block the feeding port, so as not to damage the filter cloth. 

    6. The valves of the feed liquid and washing water must be opened and closed according to the operation procedure, and the feed liquid and washing water must not enter at the same time. After the work, the remaining liquid in the channel should be put away as much as possible. 

    7. Keep the chamber filter press clean, keep the workplace clean, and the roads clear. Do not step on the pipes and valves, so as not to bend and cause an excuse to drip. 

    8. After the work is over, turn off the power, organize tools, clean the residual materials in various parts of the machine, do a good job of wiping, lubricating, and maintaining the equipment and cleaning the workplace, and make various records, and communicate with the successor clearly.

    The above are the precautions for the use of a chamber filter press, I hope it will be helpful to you. As a chamber filter press enterprise, Kintep produces products with stable performance. If you want to know more about chamber filter press, then come and pay attention to our website.