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FotH Paladin by MMOWTS

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    D2r Ladder Items

    A FotHer can be a paladin while using the skill Fist with the Heavens and aura Conviction. This build is principally used in PvP.

    Stat Points

    Strength: None; your gear should supply you with enough.

    Dexterity: Enough for an optimum block against Hell Baal; this is determined by your level, holy shield level, equipped shield and any block bonus from equipment.

    Vitality: Everything, all points here.

    Energy: Nothing.

    Skill Points

    Core Skills

    20 Fist on the Heavens: Main skill

    20 Holy Shock: A synergy that increases lightning damage of FotH.

    1 Holy Bolt: Leave this at 1 as it only enhances the bolt damage of FotH, which only hurts the undead monsters.

    10-20 Conviction: Main Aura. At level 25, it causes -150 resists in your enemies; any more impressive range will not improve this. If you could have +11 to all or any skills with your gear, 14 hard points are what you may need. However, whenever you duel a paladin with a level 26 Conviction, your Conviction may not affect him while taking the full -150. Consider maxing this Aura or try and end up at 26.

    1-20 Holy Shield: carries a diminishing return on block rate. Even with 1 point here, you might still turn out inside the 20 range because you may focus on +Combat skills on items. Maxing it will give you a solid defense bonus, and exponential smites damage.

    Optional Skills

    Resist Fire/Resist Cold/Resist Lightning: These offer a passive 0.5% bonus (rounded down) to maximum resistance for each hard point, even once you don't have the Aura active. When you have one active, you and the party receive a 1% bonus for the maximum resistance on the element you ultimately choose while using +resist.

    Fanaticism: This is for smiting those with stacked lightning resist. If you intend to smite, max Holy Shield first, then Fanaticism. Only pump Smite once you have nothing else to accomplish with skill points, as Smite adds minor damage.



    Hand of Blesses Light is the most common; it gives +2 to any or all skills and another +2 to FotH. They are socketed with Facet.

    Rare or Magic Scepter with +2 all skills and +3 FotH, with one or two sockets. This is superior to HoBL.

    Magic Scepter with +3 Combat Skills and +3 FotH, with 2 sockets. This one can be a legend. I've not witnessed a +6 wand.

    Crescent Moon Rune Word: -35% LR against Resist Stackers. Situational.

    Heart from the Oak is weak. Nevertheless, you get FCR to tele faster.

    Call Arms to buff up.


    Herald of Zakarum: Best damage shield, high block. It can have 1 socket. Spirit Rune Word: Weak, and you get FCR to tele faster. Also familiar with buff with CTA.


    Griffon's Eye: Best damage helmet, may have 1 socket.

    Harlequin Crest Shako: Only use if you need DR. Provides life/mana/DR and 1 socket.


    Enigma: Main Armor lets you Teleport.

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