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dust collector precautions Main performance and operation princ

  • dust collector precautions are small bag dust collectors made by absorbing similar products with improved design. Widely used in metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical, mining and other industrial and mining enterprises non-fiber industrial dust removal purification and material recovery. There are six specifications, and its structure is mainly composed of filter chamber, filter bag, clean gas chamber, ash hopper, ash discharge device, spray ash cleaning device, electric control box, etc. The box is all welded structure. The access door adopts a sealed structure.

    Single bag dust collector has the following characteristics:

    First, the dust collection rate is good. The dust collection rate is relatively good, and the emission concentration meets the emission standard requirements.

    Second, the maintenance cost is not high. Due to the structural design, adoption and excellent key parts, the performance of the equipment is improved, and the long-term stable operation of the dust collector is determined, and the maintenance cost is only about 70% of the general dust collector.

    Three, filter bag service life is good. The cleaning method and the filter bag and accessories of good quality extend the service life of the filter bag.

    dust collector precautions are used to block various powdered impurities or dust by internal filtration devices and vibrators, and collect them in the compartment to remove mechanical and equipment precautions and improve working speed.

    dust collector precautions