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What brand of gps car tracker magnetic does the rental company

  • gps car tracker magnetic can be installed in the vehicle. Timely position monitoring and intelligent information transmission can be realized through intelligent terminal equipment, which is helpful for vehicle position and safety monitoring. So what brand of locator does the rental company usually use?

    1, good quality: rental companies to use gps car tracker magnetic, preferred to choose good quality, low repair rate of the brand. This can take a few samples to test, after all, there are so many on the market, if you do not test it, the loss caused by poor quality and inaccurate positioning will be troublesome.

    2, cost performance: Because the rental company has many cars, it is sure to choose the cost-effective one, and a gps car tracker magnetic is no problem for more than 5 years under normal circumstances. So you have to consider the cost of the machine and the cost of the platform.

    3, purchase: you can search "gps car tracker magnetic" through Baidu or Tmall, Jingdong, to see some of the top companies, and then choose to take the goods test by comparison.

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