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Points to note when using adc/dac-specialized

  • adc/dac-specialized manufacturers attach great importance to the use of adc/dac-specialized, which plays a key role in our industrial production activities. In the process of use, we should strictly comply with the requirements, and regularly check and maintain to extend its service life.

    The resistance should be checked before use, to check its performance is to measure whether the actual resistance value is consistent with the nominal value, and whether the error is within the allowed range. The method is measured with a multimeter's adc/dac-specialized. Two things to note when measuring.

    1, to determine the range according to the resistance value to be measured, so that the pointer indicates a middle section of the scale line, so that it is easy to observe.

    2, after determining the adc/dac-specialized range, it is necessary to zero, the method is to short-circuit the two markers (directly touch), adjust the "zero" electrical device so that the pointer points to the "0" of the Ω scale line, and then measure the resistance value of the resistor. In addition, it should be noted that the hand should not touch the resistance ends or touch the metal part of the pen. Otherwise, the test error will be caused. The resistance measured by a multimeter is close to the nominal value. It can be considered that basically the quality is good, if the difference is too much or not at all, it is bad.

    First, please read the instructions carefully before use to prohibit violations;

    2. Market inspection of adc/dac-specialized raw materials, mainly reflected in:

    1, each connection in the electric cabinet can be complete;

    2, clean the external dust and other magazines on schedule;

    3. Always reflect on whether the circuit route label can conform to the plan on the drawing of our plan after the event;

    4, the anchor bolt is firm and abnormal, stop loosening;

    5, reflect on the relay assembly in the electric cabinet of the crane, reflect on whether the small lights showing the effect of the abnormal performance;

    Third, after each small object of equipment presents results, amateur skills staff should be repaired in real time. If it is impossible to repair, the upper accessories should be replaced.