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The selection principle of dust extractor filter cartridge is d

  • dust extractor filter cartridge uses pulse jet ash cleaning technology, which features good ash cleaning capacity, good dust removal rate, low emission concentration, low air leakage rate, low energy consumption, low steel consumption, small footprint, stable operation, and good economic benefits. Applicable to metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical, electric power, light industry flue gas dust removal. Box adopts air tightness design, good sealing, inspection door with excellent sealing materials, the production process with kerosene leak detection, air leakage rate is very low; The use of separate chamber air pulse jet cleaning, cleaning period is long, low consumption, can double the life of the filter bag and valve disc; The upper pumping bag is used to replace the operation of the bag.

    The following describes in detail the selection principles of the dust extractor filter cartridge components:

    1. Filter material: It should be considered according to the temperature of dusty gas, water content, acid and alkali properties, dust viscosity, concentration and grinding properties. Generally, polyester needled felt of 500 ~ 550g/m2 is commonly used at room temperature or ≤130℃ when the water content is small and there is no acidity. Arylon Nomex needled felt or 800g/m2 glass fiber needled felt or 800g/m2 double glass fiber fabric or Flumis [FMS] high temperature filter material (fluorine gas can not use glass fiber material). When the water content is large and the dust concentration is large, it is appropriate to choose water, oil filter material (or anti-condensation filter material) or coated filter material (the base cloth should be needled felt after water treatment).

    Ii. Controller: PLC microcomputer program controller was used for dust extractor filter cartridge cleaning control, which includes three control modes: fixed pressure (automatic), timing (automatic), and manual. Constant pressure control: according to the set pressure difference control, dust collector pressure difference over the set value, each room automatically clean again. Timing control: according to the set time, every other cleaning cycle, each room in turn cleaning again. Manual control: On the site operating cabinet can manually control the automatic cleaning of each room in turn, but also for each room single cleaning. The control mode is selected by the user. If the user has no requirements, the supply is controlled according to timing.

    Iii. Selection of Filtering Speed of dust extractor filter cartridge: filter speed is a key factor in the selection of dust extractor filter cartridge, which should be determined according to the properties of dust or dust, application situations, dust particle size, viscosity, gas temperature, water content, dust concentration, and different filter materials. When the dust particle size is fine, the temperature and humidity are good, the concentration is large, and the viscosity should be low. Such as ≤1m/min; On the contrary, the optional high value is generally not more than 1.5m/min. For large dust size, normal temperature, dry, non-viscous, and concentration, 1.5 ~ 2m/min can be selected. When the filtration speed is selected, it should be calculated that the net filtration wind speed should not exceed the above value when reducing the filtration area of one room (when cleaning).

    Four, in the selection of filter bag, according to the type of dust collector and according to the nature of the flue gas, select the suitable filter material. Usually in the selection of filter bag, once in the use of dust collector dust, if the temperature of the flue gas is lower than 120℃, in the selection of dust bag, the filter material is required to have a long time, and not afraid of acid such conditions, in this case, the selection of filter bag need to choose polyester needle felt, Or choose polyester flannelette filter bag can filter bag long time and not afraid of acid such conditions.

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