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Why does the purchase of industrial grinding dust collector pro

  • purchase of industrial grinding dust collector unit has six specifications, divided into three, a kind of door, a kind of drawer, a kind of neither a door nor a drawer; According to the requirements, the lower part of the addition is directly connected to the dust removal equipment such as the top of the warehouse, the bin, the conveyor belt transfer, etc., and the dust is collected directly. The purchase of industrial grinding dust collector is installed near the mechanical equipment producing dust. And by the user according to the size of the upper inlet of the dust collector, the metal or plastic pipe and dust collection cover (can also be designed by the manufacturer), the dust collector should check the access door before the work, the flange connection is sealed, so as to avoid air leakage, reduce the dust collection effect. Dust collector, voltage, from the dust collector external wire street power supply can start to use, the initial operation, should pay attention to the fan rotation direction (such as reverse, need to replace the power wiring.

    purchase of industrial grinding dust collector is generally installed on the top of cement tank and fly ash tank. According to the pore diameter of cement, fly ash, stone powder, mineral powder, chemical powder and other powdered substances, The filter element of the design dust collector can reach the filtration requirements of each powder material through the influence of large diameter and adhesion to the filter aperture. Small purchase of industrial grinding dust collectors generally have a housing in which parts such as filter bags and flight removal mechanisms are installed. The shell is usually divided into two parts of the dust collector dust removal mechanism: one part is the dust gas chamber, which is equipped with an air inlet and is the place where the dust containing gas enters; It's where the purified gas goes out. The other part is the clean air chamber, which is equipped with an exhaust port and has a manhole or hand hole in the housing for inspection and maintenance.

    purchase of industrial grinding dust collector Cleaning mechanism is the use of electric motor to drive the pain wheel, the connecting rod to make the cloth bag vibrate and clean the dust on the surface of the filter bag. Its control installation is divided into two kinds: automatic control and manual control. Automatic control means that when the fan continues the task, the purchase of industrial grinding dust collector active vibration cleaning mechanism on time, the manual fan dust collector after the suspension of the active task of the cleaning mechanism, the active termination after tens of seconds, can also start the cleaning motor at any time according to demand. Cleaning time length by the user to adjust the time relay. Structure performance features: purchase of industrial grinding dust collector, dust collector is a small volume, dust removal of air purification equipment. Suitable for a variety of vertical dust production points, flexible and convenient, local dust collection, local treatment, can be clean air. The basic structure is composed of dust removal box, centrifugal fan, filter bag (filter cartridge), dust collector and microcomputer controller, etc. The dust is sucked inside the dust collector box by the negative pressure of the fan through the dust suction pipe, and the coarse particle dust is initially filtered by the filter and directly dropped to the dust collector by the filter, and the fine dust is captured by the filter on the outer surface. Clean gas is filtered, decomposed and purified by the filter element into the clean room, and then discharged from the outlet by the fan.

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