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How To Get Raptor Of The Mists Ash Of War In Elden Ring

  • Of the many Ash of War possibilities open in Elden Ring Items, Raptor with the Mists is certainly one the best ones that get into the defensive category. This is an automobile skill that helps the Tarnished avoid damage through the attacks by jumping via a flight.

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    If you need to add this Ash of War to an arsenal, you must help Yura in eliminating Bloody Finger Ravemount Assassin. You will get this chance at the conclusion of Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s Questline. You will get Ash of War: Raptor in the Mists as a reward for defeating Ravemount Assassin. Let’s keep an eye out at what you'll want to do exactly to obtain Raptor with the Mists Ash of War in buy elden ring items

    Ash of War: Raptor in the Mists location in Elden Ring

    Start the Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s Questline

    To obtain the Raptor in the Mists, you need to start Yura’s Questline. For that, you must head towards the Seaside Ruins. Once there, you'll be able to spot Yura nearby the overpass, Northeast of the region. The next step in Yura’s Questline will be the fight with Bloody Finger Nerjus. For that, you have to head towards the battle arena located near the river in Murkwater Cave.

    The fight is going to be difficult in the beginning but if you do while, you will probably be accompanied by Yura. With Yura’s help, you may defeat Nerjus quickly. As a reward for defeating him, you're going to get Reduvia, a superb dagger with scaling in Dexterity.

    Help Yura defeat Ravenmount Assassin

    Once your dream with Nerjus is fully gone, you might meet Yura again in Raya Lucaria, Liurnia in the Lakes. For that, you must interact with the bloodstain situated on the bridge North in the region. Doing so will teleport you to the arena where Yura is fighting with Ravenmount Assassin. Your task is to help Yura in taking along the assassin.

    If you happen to be successful in defeating Ravenmount Assassin, you will likely be rewarded with Ash of War: Raptor from the Mists combined with the Rune Arc and also a Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

    If you'll still get attacked, this Ash of War allows you to definitely prevent damage by causing you to jump in mid-air. You will need 14 FP per cast to make use of Raptor in the Mists.

    You will have to press the skill button to work with this Ash of War. It does not have auto-cast.