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Genshin Impact Confirms 3.7 Banner Characters and Weapons

  • Genshin Impact's official social media marketing accounts have revealed which limited characters and weapons will likely be featured within the first part of update 3.7. Every banner cycle from the game adds a brand new Limited Character Banner which includes a set of new playable units that will probably be offered for 2–3 weeks.

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    The ongoing Genshin Impact accounts banner cycle features two five-star characters, Baizhu and Ganyu, as well as a different four-star character named Kaveh. The recent live stream event has confirmed the only new roster addition within the upcoming version 3.7 are going to be a new four-star character named Kirara.

    Genshin Impact's Limited Character Banners always feature a couple of five-star characters and three four-stars. While five stars are often much stronger, the real difference in power is compensated by the undeniable fact that players can build up constellation levels for four stars easier due to a reduced pity. The game's official Twitter account has revealed which four-star characters will likely be offered in upcoming months. According to the post, the primary banner for Genshin Impact version 3.7 will feature these characters:

    Yoimiya - five-star Pyro bow user

    Yae Miko - five-star Electro catalyst user

    Second, Yoimiya is just about the best Pyro character in genshin impact accountsand her playstyle involves dealing single-target damage. The live stream confirmed that Yoimiya will get a Story Quest from the upcoming update meaning that players could possibly get to find out more about this Inazuma character.

    The indisputable fact that both she and Yae Miko are associated with the Inazuma region could indicate the main story may also go back toward the Electro nation. Yae Miko has become the best off-field Electro character in the game alongside the Inazuma Archon Raiden Shogun. Yae's playstyle is very simple since all players should do is deploy her three totems and utilize her Elemental Burst whenever they can.

    The new four-star character Kirara will even have an extremely specific kit that allows her to draw into a delivery box and travel to comprehend movement speed. She also provides decent Dendro application together with her Elemental Burst. Yunjin was the final Geo character to come to the game last early 2022. She is a must-have for players looking to use Yoimiya for their team since Yunjin can significantly improve the speed of Yoimiya's Normal Attack which is the main method to obtain her damage.