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Dark and Darker hit by “sophisticated” DDoS attack

  • Ironmace, the developer of the dungeon-looting RPG game Dark and Darker Gold, reports that it has suffered a “sophisticated” DDoS attack in the most recent round of online tests. The announcement has come about as the game and its particular developer face a selection of challenges, including a copyright infringement lawsuit from publishing company Nexon, claiming that Dark and Darker is produced using assets and artwork designed for one of Nexon’s own games.

    Dark and Darker Gold

    Dark and Darker once was delisted from Steam, following claims that developers at Ironmace reused assets and materials in the action that they had previously created while working under contract at Nexon, using a project codenamed ‘P3’. The offices of Ironmace were subsequently raided by police, with Nexon filing a case on April 14 alleging copyright infringement.

    The publisher claims that a variety of in-game assets in Dark and Darker, including animations and character designs, are lifted from P3.

    Now, developers at Ironmace report that dark and darker gold has suffered a “sophisticated” DDoS attack during its current playtest. Writing on the sport’s Discord, ‘Graysun,’ an Ironmace administrator and developer, says the developer is hoping to keep Dark and Darker’s servers stabilized.

    “We are actually experiencing sophisticated DDoS attacks considering that the very start of the playtest,” Grayson writes. “Our server quality has not yet changed whatsoever from previous playtests. As of at this time, there isn't much we are able to do to immediately fix the matter, but we're constantly trying our best to maintain them stabilized.” Graysun signs off by urging Dark and Darker players to “defend the road!”

    “We have already been subjected to incredibly sophisticated and powerful DDoS attacks ever since the beginning of our own testing,” Ironmace developer and Discord administrator ‘Sdf’ also writes. The current Dark and Darker playtest is scheduled to perform between April 14 and April 19.

    Dark and Darker was originally scheduled to file for during Q4 of 2023, though this date seems more likely to slip given the experience’s current troubles.

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