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Elden Ring Player Comes Up With Strategy to Kill Invaders Using

  • An Elden Ring player discovered an amazing way to battle invaders by utilizing one of the more abnormal enemies hanging around, the Flame Chariot. Elden Ring is an extremely diverse game with endless gameplay for players to explore and explore. Having been released more than a year now, many players have finished the base game and therefore are looking for creative methods to enjoy the content. Invasions really are a popular method in which many fans still play the game, however, many smart players have formulated complex techniques for dealing with unwelcome invaders.

    Invasions are areas of the player-versus-player facet of Elden Ring. This mechanic allows between one and 2 hostile enemies to become listed on the host's world and fight to the death. Invasions are only able to occur when the host around the globe is on the internet and playing with friends. Otherwise, the ball player would have to equip a product known as the Taunter's Tongue to be able to openly invite these invaders to their world. Fighting two invaders at the same time are no easy task. It takes patience and knowledge of the numerous weapons in Elden Ring to be able to pull off a 2v1 successfully. Many players have begun to use their environment in order to gain the top of the hand in battle, with mixed results.

    One Elden Ring player posted a relevant video to Reddit, showing them using the Flame Chariot's unique animations to get rid of an unsuspecting invader. The Reddit user, named w1LL_1am, is visible in the video awaiting the invader to become summoned to their world. Upon their arrival, w1LL_1am performed a plunging attack around the Flame Chariot enemy from above. This attack triggers an animation that kills the Flame Chariot in one strike. Ultimately causing it to explode inside a large fireball, damaging anything within range. The invader chased after w1LL_1am and because of the precise timing of the attack, the fireplace knocked back the invader allowing the host to kill them without much effort.

    The Flame Chariot enemies in Elden Ring are some of the most eye-catching creatures within the Lands Between. Their absurd strength and weird mechanics make sure they are a tough foe to overcome and even tougher to know. The chariot itself is a sizable tank having a flamethrower that's operated by a Fire Monk, who sits at the back of the vehicle. The face of the chariot is crafted to resemble the face area of a giant, potentially the Fire Giant.

    Players who're looking to emulate the sensation of being a Flame Chariot on their own should get the Visage Shield in Elden Ring. This Greatshield is modeled following the Flame Chariot and it is unique weapon skill allows players to spit fire at enemies directly in front of the character. The item can be acquired from an underground chest within the Caelem Ruins.