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Lost Ark adds an Artist subclass in an upcoming update


    Lost ark Gold’s South Korean version continues to be ahead of its Western counterpart when it comes to content because of the latter’s much later release date, but Amazon Games and Smilegate are steadily focusing on closing the gap between your regions. Next up within this process would be the release of the Artist subclass within the West, which was introduced to the initial game in 2022.

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    The Lost Ark update adding the Artist is going to be released on March 15, 2023, based on a post on Twitter around the game’s official account.

    The Artist swings a huge brush around in combat and includes some very stylish animations depicting ink-painted scenery. It’s not just a powerhouse with regards to damage but serves a support role hanging around by providing buffs and shields to allies and debuffing enemies.

    Another special thing concerning the Artist is the fact subclass doesn’t really squeeze into the game’s class system because the other subclasses do. In the South Korean version of Lost Ark the Artist may be the only subclass within the Specialist category, so you might assume this can also be ported over as part of the upcoming update.

    However things work in detail, the city is definitely excited for that Artist’s release. Lots of positive reactions below the announcement post appear to come from players prepared to return to the MMORPG specifically to test this highly-anticipated subclass.

    Playing similar to Diablo or Path of Exile, lost ark gold launched in the West in 2022 and located great success on Steam, though persistent server problems because of the unexpectedly high interest made the knowledge for players not smooth. Shortly after launch, over 1.3 million users on Steam literally free-to-play game simultaneously.