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Elden Ring: 10 Characters Who Could've Linked The Fire In Dark

  • We check out the strongest characters in Elden Ring Items and which may be in a position to link the fireplace in Dark Souls.

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    The Lands Between have birthed a pantheon of glorious champions and heroes, in addition to some truly dastardly villains. They're all unique in their own individual complex and horrifying ways, there is however no doubting the complete strength of a number of Elden Ring's characters

    How would they fair in Lordran, though? Or Drangleic, or Lothric? How many of our Tarnished and godly acquaintances might have the gumption to defend me against the Lords of Cinder and link the fireplace? Let's mash the most popular toys together within the ring of make-believe, and imagine these characters where they definitely don't belong.

    Blaidd The Half-Wolf

    Blaidd is really a loyal and trustworthy friend, nearly as much as he is really a devastating, and relentless opponent. Fighting him is really a genuine challenge, but someone must free him from his attachment issues. If it weren't for his undying dedication to Ranni, Blaidd could've gone far in his own game.

    In Dark Souls, however, he'd be free from all his earthly restraints, and he could begin liberally dislocating limbs in the locals. Part of why this feels so obvious happens because Blaidd has already been inspired by another Lord of Cinder, the Wolf Legion of Farron. Wolves in Dark Souls are noted for their boundless dedication to some cause, and Blaidd would fit this description perfectly.

    Michelle The Unalloyed

    Michelle may well be a surprising option. That's simply because Miquella is really a constantly sick and ailing child, but hear this out; if Ludleth can link the fireplace, Miquella will be a shoo-in. It's about the politics - Miquella includes a massive following, as well as their healing capabilities would keep his army well healed because they march for the Kiln from the First Flame.

    This would not be the first time a Lord was anointed towards the position instead of claiming it themselves. As stated, Ludleth came into existence as Lord despite being sincerely decrepit, and Aldrich was driven to link the flame by its followers, somehow. Miquella and the armies might have no problem elevating him towards the station of Lord.

    Rennala Of The Full Moon

    Rennala is yet another character whose skilled at raising a following, whilst being quite the powerhouse. Rennala forged a college of sorcerers who follow her every action, and she or he raised a knighthood to protect her kingdom. Before each of those things came crashing down, she would be a force to become reckoned with.

    Rennala could march her way toward the First Flame together with her armies, but it is arguable she could get it done alone. She was powerful enough in her own day to keep a kingdom separate in the Golden Order, and she or he was only brought down when Marika turned herself right into a man to seduce after which divorce Rennala. A cunning strategy, to become sure

    Ranni The Witch

    Ranni, Rennala's daughter, is yet another highly skilled witch. She's sufficiently strong that the other half of Rennala's boss fight is really Ranni developing a clone of her full-powered mother. If Ranni is sufficiently strong to conjure an illusion that mimics another god's power, then she'll don't have any problems in Lordran.

    Renowned Sorcerers in Dark Souls in many cases are the foundation for various schools of magic like Big Hat Logan was. With this precedent, you can imagine Ranni founding her very own coven. Magic can also be kind of overpowered in Dark Souls, so Ranni could spam spells at any boss from the distance and walk home the victory.

    Morgott The Omen King

    Morgott a lot more than any may be primed to outlive the worlds of Dark Souls. While many others would conquer the First Flame as quickly as possible with pure might, Morgott would have the ability to resist the harshest of environments, and also dominate his surroundings.

    Morgott spent his entire life surviving off what little he could inside a sewer for abandoned Omen. When his captors finally fled their post, he immediately took the throne in the shadows, defeating countless Tarnished who'd seek to become Elden Lord. Needless to say, a malnourish sewer escapee shouldn't have the ability to do everything, unless these were Morgott, the True King of Lyndell.

    Dragonlord Placidusax

    Placidusax is really a fossil towards the end of its own age. He's survived the weathering of your time and the destruction of empires, and when there's something that claims my way through Dark Souls, it's a perfect time.

    Being immovable by time already elevates Placidusax to be able to outlive Dark Souls' strongest force. The last person we have ever known who could outlast time was the Slave Knight Gael, who served because the final boss of the entire franchise. If Placidusax is on that much cla, it's difficult to see why he couldn't link the fireplace.


    Marika and Radagon happen to be parallels to Gwyn, the First Lord of Cinder, therefore it would be simple to say "they're basically Lords anyway," and move ahead. That would underplay precisely how powerful Markia is, however, and she or he deserves every ounce of power placed on display.

    Marika had the ability and knowledge to orchestrate a worldwide conspiracy that resulted in the death of her son, and therefore the Shattering. She created an alter ego to undermine the Greater Will's authority and destabilize Rennala's kingdom. She sent for any Tarnished to undo all civilization from inside the Erdtree, and she or he's the centerpiece for many schools of magic. Marika has the ability, the resources, and also the genius to mastermind all Elden Ring. She could build an empire on top of the First Flame.

    Godfrey/Hoarah Loux

    Godfrey needs no introduction. Every step you eat Elden Ring is taken in the shadow, as he's our predecessor as Lord and Tarnished. Godfrey survived generations exiled in unknown lands; battling until death took him. That tenacity and sheer force will send him far in Dark Souls.

    It's easy to imagine the hulking Hoarah Loux trouncing with the hells of Blight Town or slaying his way with the Dragon's Aerie. In their own world, he bested the Dragons and Giants, which is really a task divided between two worthy Lords within the Dark Souls universe, Gwyn and Vendrick.

    Malenia, Blade Of Miquella

    Had Malenia, Blade of Miquella not been a boss, her plot armor might have never broken. This girl is unkillable. She's 1 of 2 characters noted for being unbeatable in battle, so when those two finally did clash, it ruined a whole fourth of the continent. She has the ability to shape entire land masses (mostly for the worse), and that is not even something the Gods in Dark Souls can typically do.

    She's also eternally poisoned, which provides her immunity in a messed up type of way, and everyone knows poison immunity would serve you well within the lands of Dark Souls. She also offers life steal, which may keep her health topped off all the time. She could thrive within the harshest environments, and linking the flame could be more an issue of her motivation than her capabilities.

    Starscourge Radahn

    It has come about as no surprise that Starscourge Radahn would have the ability to collect the Lord Souls, link the First Flame, survive it with almost no scratch, and become home over time for supper. Radahn was another in Malenia's legendary final battle, and it is one Radahn only lost because Malenia cheated - which still didn't kill him.

    His legacy alone demonstrates why he could link the fireplace, but it is also worth mentioning his powers over gravity and also the stars. The Gods of Dark Souls just don't typically show this degree of power, and with the ability to move the heavens, and crash them into the earth, Radahn's power output would put him leagues above his closest competition in Dark Souls.