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Elden Ring: 8 Best Weapons To Dual Wield


    Whether it’s for aesthetic or practical purposes, dual-wielding weapons in Elden Ring Items could make for some unique and fun methods to approach combat. The game includes a great spectrum of weaponry and choosing the single weapon for the character to become built around can be hard, so why wouldn't you choose two?

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    Dual wielding among each as well as two of exactly the same weapons not just helps you power using your enemies but is a great way to increase your combat ability, unleashing your build's full potential. With the right stats or preferably an excellent (all-around) build, the combinations become endless.

    Golden Halberds

    “Powerstancing” or dual-wielding two halberds simultaneously hasn't felt better within the Souls series. With their long reach, it can make it easy to distance yourself from harder enemies, in addition, to attacking them once they try to escape.

    The Golden Halberd is obtainable super early by killing the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave. If you are able to obtain a second, you could defer to presenting another halberd or spear within the offhand, using the Golden Halberd within the right hand to provide you with the attack and defense boost through its Ash of War, Golden Vow.

    Hoslow Whips

    Another weapon providing you with a good method to distance yourself from enemies is whipped. Whips don’t only deal great damage but additionally offer a unique move set that's fun to make use of in PvE and hard to counter in PvP.

    Hoslow’s Petal Whips are among the best in their category, giving passive bleed damage while you crack your foes with one of these bad boys. One from the razor-sharp chain link blades is available after defeating Juno Hoslow using the other being dropped by his brother Diallos.

    Godskin Peelers (Or Twinblade)

    If the name “Godskin Peeler” isn’t already menacing enough, imagine when there are two within the hand of the wielder. The Godskin Peeler is definitely an all-around great twin-blade having a unique move set in the others.

    Although the Godskin Apostle in Windmill Village drops the only person, it may be paired with another twin-blade for example Eleanora’s Poleblade, giving your character a chance to make deadly flurries in combat. Twirling around both two-sided blades creates a lot of fast and successful attacks.


    Slicing and dicing your attacker with katanas is definitely a good time. Whether it’s a typical katana together with your favorite Ash of War or perhaps a unique one such as the Rivers of Blood, the dual wield move set when utilizing most of the katanas utilizes both swords in each attack.

    The fastest method to obtain two katanas is as simple as starting like a Samurai after which finding the second Uchigatana within the game. After such, you are able to seek out others that align together with your playstyle and character building.

    Starscourge Greatswords

    When power stands a couple of these greatswords, your strength ascends towards the likes of the demigod. Wielding General Radahns weapons of preference make you the boss that your enemies will fear.

    The Starcaller Cry Ash of War on these swords doesn’t only look awesome, but additionally staggers your enemies, leaving them vulnerable and available to get slammed having a heavy attack. Though it requires some investment within the intelligence stat, you are able to pick these up by transposing General Radahns Remembrance and duplicating it to acquire a second in a Mausoleum.

    Prelate’s Inferno Cozier And Giant Crusher

    These two great hammers happen to be making their way to the PvP scene, in addition to creating an incredibly easy method to clear out certain bosses by breaking their stance and following up by having a massive bonk towards the head.

    They need a great amount of strength to wield but they are well worth it if you notice the damage dealt in one attack. Paired using the Lion’s Claw Ash of War, also called the “Artorias Flip”, these slammers may take someone out with one use from the skill.

    Scavenger's Curved Swords

    These swords act similarly to the twin blades and katanas as the harm they deal out increases greatly with each successful hit. However, these blades possess the bleed damage ability included in the steel. With this sign of innate bleed, the Scavenger's Curved Swords can shred through enemies effortlessly.

    If you need to go full power with one of these, the perfect start to purchase would be the Arcane stat, using the weapons to get the Occult affinity. Since they currently have bleed, you’ll be outputting max physical damage and applying for bleed status incredibly fast.

    Spiked Caestus

    If swords and blades aren’t your lifestyles, you could give your attacker the good ol’ one-two! Sparking your dream with fisticuffs is not just super aggravating to your attacker, but additionally tremendously confusing to counter, as very few enemies are utilized to getting repeatedly decked within the face with a REAL melee build.

    The Spiked Caestus weapon is obtainable with the isolated merchant in Dragonbarrow, yet other fist-type weapons all over the world are just as powerful for example the Iron Ball and Star Fist. Equipping both Spiked Caestus and Star Fist will grant you the hemorrhaging buildup alongside the satisfaction of wailing in your enemy.