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Elden Ring: Where To Find The Envoy's, Long Horn


    The Envoy's Long Horn is really a powerful faith-based great hammer, here's how to locate it in Elden Ring Items.

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    While elden ring items are filled with hundreds of weapons that are mostly simple to obtain, there are some that can need a bit of grinding to obtain as an enemy drop. As enemies are defeated, there is really a very small chance their weapon is going to be dropped to become then acquired and used, sometimes being incredibly powerful when compared with other weapons found nearby.

    While farming enemy drops could be a tedious task, there are some ways to accelerate the process. These harder-to-find weapons in many cases are worth the work, because Envoy's Long Horn is really a strong faith-based weapon having a unique skill that deals impressive levels of damage. There are two locations to obtain the hammer and some other ideas to help the likelihood of this weapon dropping when farming enemies.

    Where To Find The Envoy's, Long Horn

    The only way to obtain an Envoy's Long Horn is to obtain it from an enemy visiting those wielding them. These enemies are available in either Leyndell Capital or Miquella's Hailgree. In Leyndell Capital, beginning with the East Capital Rampart site of grace. Head on the path deeper into the capital, turning left once stepping outside. Ahead of you are going to be many Oracle Envoy enemies, many of them being small ones. Only the larger ones wielding the Long Horn will drop that specific weapon. Killing the enemies and going back to the site of grace to respawn them is easily the most efficient location to farm with this weapon.

    Your other option is really a bit later hanging around when exploring Miquella's Haligree. While running across the roots, you will find more Envoy enemies. A few larger ones using the Long Horn will spawn, however, these enemies are stronger compared to those in Leyndell, and also the roots are a little more difficult to fight on when farming, causing this to be the more difficult choice to farm at. For players wanting to accelerate the farming facet of getting this weapon, utilizing a Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot will significantly boost the chances of the weapon being dropped. This weapon comes with an incredibly low drop rate, which is recommended to make use of the Silver Fowl Foot to farm it.

    How To Use The Envoy's, Long Horn

    The Envoy's Long Horn requires 23 strength, 11 dexterity, and 18 faith to wield. As this weapon is upgraded, it'll scale most from your faith stat and only a little from your strength. This weapon comes using the skill Bubble Shower and can't be infused along with other ashes of war.

    This weapon does physical and holy damage, even though it is really a powerful hammer, its skill is beyond excellent. Bubble Shower makes this weapon well well worth the grind to acquire and decimates larger enemies. Each bubble fired in the horn deals independent damage, meaning larger targets hit having a flurry of bubbles will get an incredible quantity of damage.