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Elden Ring: Church Of Repose Location, Invader & Items

  • If you are struggling with the late-game phase of Elden Ring Items, the Church of Repose is really a must-visit location. The major bump in difficulty after visiting the Mountaintops from the Giants, with stronger mobs, terrain, and bosses, is how the Church is necessary. It offers valuable what to your build, including one from the best katanas and also the rarest Upgrade Materials hanging around.

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    Key Takeaways

    The Church of Repose is based on the deep southern region of the Mountaintops from the Giants, a late-game biome in elden ring items.

    Start in the Giant’s Gravepost Site of Grace, head in the mountain, and players will ultimately find the Church of Repose alongside the skull of the giant.

    Outside the Church, players will need to face an invasion by Okina, the Bloody Finger NPC.

    Killing Okina will reward the Rivers of Blood katana and also the Okina Mask.

    Once players are through with him, walk inside the church, and go ahead and take Site of Grace along with the Sacred Tear alongside Marika’s Statue.

    Besides that, players may also get an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone within the giant skull’s eye east of the Church.

    How To Reach The Church Of Repose?

    The Church can be found near the Fire Giant‘s arena around the southern edge of the Mountaintops from the Giants. You can start your journey in the Giant’s Gravepost Site of Grace close to the chained bridge beyond the Guardian’s Garrison.

    From the Site of Grace, head lowers the southwest path beyond the dead trolls, staying near the base from the cliff on your left.

    Continue your way in the mountain and go ahead and take the first right, where you’ll stumble upon a Troll fighting 2 Monstrous Crows.

    Avoid their fight and proceed into the mountain, and finally, you’ll visit a giant humanoid skull atop a pile of boulders before you, using the Church of Repose towards the skull’s right side.

    Fighting Okina At The Church

    Before you enter the Church of Repose, you’ll need to face an NPC invasion through the Bloody Finger Okina. This NPC has two katanas, one of which is the Rivers of Blood, that they’ll use to fight you. After killing him, you’ll get the Rivers of Blood, one of the strongest bleed weapons hanging around, and Okina’s Mask, a unique head armor piece that raises Dexterity in the cost of Focus.

    How To Beat Bloody Finger Okina?

    With possession from the Rivers of Blood, Okina is really a difficult foe to consider. He has strong mobility, range, and, first and foremost, damage. However, he does possess a few outlying weaknesses that you could take advantage of:

    Okina has extremely weak poise, to help you use Greatswords or Colossal Weapons to stagger him regularly.

    You may also parry him once he uses his Rivers of Blood’s Ash of War, which they regularly spam.

    Incantations and Sorceries may also effectively stagger him, so make use of your posture-breaking spells around you can.

    Another trick would be to lure him out from the Church and towards the aforementioned Troll’s battle using the Monstrous Crows.

    His elusive AI will ultimately hit one from the other hostiles, turning their agro towards him and making your work of killing him much easier.

    Inside The Church

    Once you’ve killed Okina, you are able to head within the Church at the main entrance and touch its Site of Grace. In front, you are able to grab the Sacred Tear beneath Queen Marika’s statue and employ it to change your Crimson Tear and Cerulean Tear Flasks.

    Besides that, you may also find an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone just away from Church near the giant skull’s mouth. You can give this Legendary item to Hewg in the Roundtable Hold to upgrade all of your regular weapons to +25.


    That wraps up our guide around the Church of Repose, which can be a brief location but has some of the most valuable components of the world from the game.

    Visiting the Church can single-handedly prepare you for the sport’s excruciating later half, providing you with a Flask enhancement, a Legendary Upgrade Material, and one of the best weapons hanging around. You may also explore this Subreddit Post, where you are able to learn how to reach this crucial location in the early stages.

    For more overpowered weapons, here’s a guide around the Moonveil Katana’s location. Especially Katanas, You may also explore other important churches hanging around by checking out the Church of Inhibition. Besides that, consider reading our guide on How To Get To Nokron, The Eternal City, which may also massively enhance your build using its enticing loot.