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Elden Ring Player Killed By Teardrop Scarab

  • While usually harmless creatures, the non-hostile Teardrop Scarab becomes the undoing of one unlucky Elden Ring Items player in the center of a fight.

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    One Elden Ring player encountered an extremely unlucky circumstance like a relatively harmless Teardrop Scarab caused these phones to die. Elden Ring has one a hundred different enemy types, in the Godrick Soldiers towards the Crucible Knights, giving players a lot of opportunities to die aside from the risk of falling that comprise roughly 14% of Elden Ring player deaths. Players know to become careful around all of the enemies of Elden Ring, however when a non-hostile creature is about, players usually create take caution near them. However, what went down to that one player should make those players rethink the things they heed caution to.

    In Elden Ring, aside from the many faunas which are out within the open realm of the Lands Between, there's a type of creature referred to as Teardrop Scarab. These Teardrop Scarabs drop valuable items upon death, but first players will have to catch them because they do try to escape. While you will find tricks you can employ in Elden Ring to trap Teardrop Scarabs, there's usually no genuine danger towards the player for pursuing these creatures. They can be available in many different varieties, from the ones that run in specific circles for that player to trap, or the ones that fly within the air for that player to shoot down.

    It was the flying variety that happened to possess that caused that one Elden Ring player's particular death. Posting to r/Eldenring, user Low-Signal-6596 uploaded a relevant video of them attempting to fight the Flintstone Dragon Smarag, a sizable dragon with lots of attacks involving flying as well as their wide-sweeping fire breath. The player was riding on Torrent to trap up towards the dragon once they flew away, just for one from the hovering Teardrop Scarabs to decrease on them and stagger them, causing these phones to be not able to avoid Smarag's fire breath attack and killing them instantly.

    In Elden Ring, dropping on enemies, even without swinging a weapon, is really a way to cause damage. In fact, you will find many cases when players are killed as a result of glitched Elden Ring boss stomping these phone's death. However, this will make even harmless enemies some risk to players, particularly the ones that simply hover harmlessly within the lands such as these Teardrop Scarabs do.

    elden ring items is really a game have a tendency to try to throw surprises at the player, maybe it's a weird player in PVP or Elden Ring's hardest boss Malenia using a second phase. While most of those are intentional, sometimes certain mechanics allows such unintentional surprises to happen, such as the one here. Players should always take caution, even if they think they are safe since it is possibly probably the most harmless creature hanging around that could lead to their downfall.

    Elden Ring can be obtained now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.