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Genshin Impact Leak Details Gameplay for Three Fontaine Charact

  • A new leak from Genshin Impact accounts is sharing the very first details concerning the gameplay for three upcoming Fontaine characters likely to launch at the start of the region's cycle. The next region visiting the HoYoverse RPG continues to be heavily teased both in-game and out-of-game.

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    In-game lore and character dialogue inside the game have depicted Fontaine as a highly advanced region, featuring superior technology towards the rest of Teyvat and "justice" as a primary motif. Leaks also have given players an initial look at most of the region's upcoming characters.

    While HoYoverse has yet to officially reveal any playable characters in the Hydro Archon's domain, leaks have revealed numerous new characters from Fontaine. Lydney and Lynette happen to be two of the longest rumored characters for that region, first observed in Genshin Impact's "Travail" trailer teasing the RPG's future settings.

    Several leaks have hinted at both elements and rarities for Lyney and Lynette, likely to debut as five-star and four-star characters respectively. Now, leaks are giving the very first idea of how each character, combined with the rumored Hydro Archon, will have.

    A new update from Genshin Impact leaker Uncle YC via well-known leaker Tao has revealed the very first details about Lyney, Lynette, and also the heavily rumored Focalors. Lynette is revealed to experience the role of the off-screen support character being an Anemo Sword user, confirming previous leaks about her element.

    Lydney is confirmed to become the third Pyro Bow character put into Genshin Impact, playing the role of the Charged Attack DPS much like characters like Tighnari and Ganyu. Focalors, known as "Hydro Archon," will reportedly revolve around HP and have a "special damage-increasing method."

    While no hard information originates from HoYoverse concerning the three characters, many leaks have previously started to speculate regarding their debut. Lynette is likely to launch as one of the very first playable characters from Fontaine, believed to become released with Version 4.0. The post was not able to confirm a launch date for Lyney or Focalors, though other leaks have suggested Focalors can become playable in Version 4.2. Several other characters including Mondstadt's Varka and another person in the Fatui's Harbingers are rumored to become appearing following a Fontaine update.

    While Lyney, Lynette, and Focalors are among the very first characters to debut from Fontaine, leaks show off plenty more concerning the Hydro region. Recent leaks from Genshin Impact have begun to give an idea concerning the layout of Fontaine, sitting north of Sumeru and northwest of Liyue. The region is also likely to feature several water-based puzzles as well as underwater mechanics, given its association using the Hydro Archon. Fans will certainly see much more information about Genshin Impact's next region before its expected launch come July 1st.

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